General Electric / Hitachi Uranium Processing Plant on Dupont St.

Please use this forum for discussing the General Electric / Hitachi uranium processing plant, located just outside the Junction Triangle at 1025 lansdowne Ave., just north of Dupont St. and the train Tracks.

Long story short: The GE/Hitachi plant processes uranium into ceramic pellets to be used in CANDU reactors.

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This was certainly news to my girlfriend and I as a new residents but likely moreso to long time occupants. There is supposed to be an upcoming public meeting on November 15th on this news. Does anyone know anything about where and what time?

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Reading Old Mags

I had always been aware of this plant but I wanted to make a note that in some research I have been doing on another topic I was reading the July 1984 Issue of Toronto Life and in a story about the JT they talk about residents becoming more aware of the industry in the area due to air conditions and spills starting in the mid 1970's and people become aware of the fuel processing plant. So at that time probably until 1990-91 when the area started to turn over it was on peoples minds and people were aware. It always amazes me how quickly though the history or details of an area fade.

Watch Anarchists for Andrew Cash!

Andrew Cash refused to do anything about the anarchists who've invaded our neighbourhood- now they're blocking our roads and railway lines!

A Generalization

Somewhat of a generalization if you ask me. Andrew has been anti-nuclear since I met him in high school and thats his prerogative. He is the federal MP so it only makes sense for people who have the same views (on this specific issue) to suggest that people call him about it. Andrew Cash does not have any ability to block people from moving into an area and I know that he would be the last person to stop democratic protest even if he disagreed with it. 47 seconds of video has little evidentiary value in this case.

I dont think there is much support for these protesters or blocking trains in the community and most people probably feel that increased localized diesel exhaust from Metrolinx trains near our schools and playgrounds is a greater concern. Yes it would be politically bad for an MP or MPP to become too associated with Anarchists and people advocating unlawful activity but I think if you are going to jump onto this issue they come with the territory.

By the way it would seem that our community has been invaded by anti-anarchists too. : )

Perception is Reality & The Company you keep

You are right Scott, Andrew can't keep people(Anarchists) from coming into the hood, BUT he shouldn't of went to the DIGIN meeting that invited the Anarchists. No surprise with Jonah as he has a reputation of keeping friends like Anarchists. Not only do people in the hood notice this, so do other political parties as well(Conservatives, Liberals) both Provincially and Federally. This might come back to bit him in the butt later on. Greg knows first hand about the anarchists, after getting assulted by them few years back, so he has seen another side of them and I guess the police as well. Greg in your last posting you wrote about the anarchists invading our community, do you actually live in the hood or is this about the anarchists???? J

I live here...


I live in the neighbourhood, it takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the plant from home. FYI, Cheri DiNovo came with the anarchists this weekend- it got crazy, Zach Ruiter even started banging on one of my neighbour's cars while they were driving past...

Do you have an email address????

Hey Greg,
Do you have an email address??? Cheers J

GE-Hitachi:Andrew Cash, Jonah Schein, Anarchists & Flying Squads

One of the people involved in running last Saturday's meeting was an anarchist named Ashleigh Ingle. She was working very closely with Jonah Schein, and had some conversation with Andrew Cash in the middle of the panel. This all makes sense when we study Schein's history- he's played dirty tricks with the anarchist Ontation Coalition Against Poverty.

It's hard to be certain- but it looks like some dirty tricks may be being played here...

There was a mistake with this article

I've taken it down while I confirm some information...


If the plant were not at Lansdowne and Dupont, what are the chances that a processing facility of this type would even think about applying to be situated in the downtown core of the city?

That's right: zip. It is just too stupid an idea, regardless of whether or not you support nuclear power.

The only real question is whether the citizens can overcome their Canadian inertia to say: relocate!

That's the heart of my argument. Here is some background: The safety claims of the plant mirror those of the nuclear industry. There is nothing to worry about IF we believe their risk analysis and IF they are able to follow their safety protocols and IF those safety protocols are adequate. Personally, I think it should be OBVIOUS that SHIT HAPPENS and that people make mistakes. Therefore, fail safe systems and safety considerations have to include the possibility that accidents WILL happen. It IS as simple as wondering what happens if a truck carrying uranium capsizes or burns, which is ENTIRELY feasible. Moreover, dust does escape the plant during its normal operationand it is admitted that it does. Then, you have to decide whether or not you accept that the risk associated with this dust is as low as the industry states and if that risk is acceptable. These are not decisions that should be made FOR us but BY us. Yeah, I live pretty close by. Plus, the processing creates waste. Is this waste safe? IF you believe the company, it is. Are they credible, or is there a conflict of interest? All of this says to me nuclear at all stages is too risky. Move the plant. And, while we are at it, put a moratorium on nuclear power and institute a phase out, like those uneducated countries such as GERMANY are doing (uneducated, technologically illiterate backwards European democracy--why don't they listen obediently to their technocrats and industrialists like we Canadians do?)

A letter to Andrew Cash & Jonah Schein about the protest...

The situation with the GE-Hitachi plant is more complicated than it looks on the surface. Will our government leaders continue to work with the anarchists? What are the risks of a demolition? Are there problems with current legislation that could hurt local homeowners?

Councillors Want GE-Hitachi to Leave

Davenport Councillors Ana Bailao and Cesar Palacio have filed a Motion at City Council to establish a five year plan to phase out the production of uranium pellets at the GE-Hitachi Lansdowne plant. You can find the Motion and other details here

Some analysis on the GE-Hitachi plant...

Here's my analysis on the GE Hitachi plant, what needs to be done, and what stands in the way. I'm curious to hear other people's opinions...

Lets get our history correct--Homes and factories coexisted

There is one bit of info about the GE plant story that keeps getting told wrong. Some protesters get it wrong and certainly GE has got it wrong too.

Who was there first? GE or houses? The reality is that houses were within feet of the plant property on Primrose and St. Clarens years before it became a uranium plant. Houses are visible on aerial photos going back as far as 1946 and there were homes within 2 blocks as far back as 1939 based on overhead photos. Using the construction date of my own house which is 1913, and Toronto Archive photos of the area I would make an educated guess that most of the homes that are within 3 blocks of the plant were in place by 1915. In fact City of Toronto maps show by 1899 that most of the land in our area was subdivided like it is today. Photos like " City of Toronto Archives Fonds 1231,f1231_i11322" show that industry and residential properties have existed next door to each other since the late 1890's. In those days people did not think that living next to coal and oil and other heavy industries was a bad thing. So here are 2 facts that in and of themselves dont prove anything but context.:

1.Industry and homes have been living next to each other in our area for over 100 years.

2.When the GE uranium plant opened there were in fact homes within feet of the plant and there was also other plants nearby too.

I know a lot of people seem

I know a lot of people seem to automatically believe industry led scientists, is it maybe called hoping for the best but we have to remember history shows us many times when the real dangers are played down for financial reasons.
I found this interview

Test the plant then you know and can make decisions

I dont see any facts or information about the GE Plant on Lansdowne in this video. Is the plant safe? Are there any issues besides not liking nuclear power? The speaker talks about "scientism" but I would say a worse situation is "Youtubeism" where people post videos of conjecture posing as fact. James Duetsch, a psychiatrist, is entitled to his opinion but his area of expertise is not nuclear science and he tries to make it sound like he has first hand experience with uranium because he wore a monitoring badge. Well so have I and I am not a scientist at all.

Chernobyl was a terrible disaster and it scares people but it is in the Ukraine and the GE plant is not a reactor so again I dont see a connection to whether the GE plant on Lansdowne is safe or not and I find it a bit disingenuous to bring to cloud the story with information that is not applicable to the GE Plant in our area. People are fee to debate nuclear power all they want but that is not the issue at hand.

Uranium is dangerous, I dont think that is news to anybody, but the issue is whether there is anything to be worried about at this GE plant. So far I have not heard anything that suggests there is.The off camera suggestions that there is leakage is fear mongering unless there is some test results that exist that have not been made public. I would love to see the plant tested to provide factual information for locals. I called Andrew Cash's office and said "lets get this place tested, see if there are leaks or whether the building itself has become contaminated". I think that is what locals want (and to have had the opportunity to speak at the license renewal). If the plant is safe then there is no issue for me, I own shares in TREC so I am doing my part to promote green energy creation.

The Night the Anarchists Came to West Toronto

"The background music playing before the meeting started was from Occupy the musical- this was the first hint that this meeting was not about the locals. When Ruiter announced that the meeting was Livestreamed by Occupy Toronto there was a collective sigh from the local residents- this was when they began to understand who was behind the meeting"

Greg Renouf's blog post on the November 15th meeting:

Renouf not exactly a credible source

An attack based primarily on the fact that someone identifies as an anarchist is not a legitimate piece. He also attacks Judy Rebick and another friend of mine. My first reaction was how this reminded me of a video accusing Obama of infanticide. I think this is closer to hate speech than anything else.

It goes to motive

I politely disagree. First off I dont see what you see when reading this opinion piece. Judy Rebick isnt mentioned in it so whether he has written about your friends in a way that you dont like should not cloud this particular story. If you dont like him then fine but I read this story three times and cant find any hate. I do see see a lot of evidence of anger and violence but it is not coming from the writer. The writer did not create videos that are on Youtube.

Being an anarchist IS important as it informs motive and a persons past activism is relevant because for many locals the issue is not about nuclear power but about whether the specific plant is safe. Many locals have expressed a feeling that they feel that the community is being exploited by non-residents who are anti-nuclear period. I watched the live streaming and came away with that feeling myself. Being an anarchist also goes to credibility. You are the company you keep and when you hang with people that destroy public property you will be called out about it and your agenda will be questioned. Thats fair game.

This story is an opinion piece and Greg Renouf is not only involved in activism himself but is pretty clear about what his agenda is. It it obvious from his blog that hangs in the activist world a lot and has some problems with as he says anarchism is hurting environmental and social justice. When I read his blog it occurs to me that the biggest hurdle for activists is to stop fighting among themselves (the Occupy Toronto Live feed last year was a lesson on how not to get anything done) but that's another matter. I dont see Greg Renouf as being any less credible than others how have come into the community and stood up on a soapbox.

The only issue is whether the plant is safe or not. THAT is what locals want to know. That information is being drowned out from what I see.

It goes to motive

Your idea of anarchism is flawed. It appears you think all anarchists are of the black bloc property destruction variety. This is far from the truth. Most anarchists are non-violent.

Among famous anarchists we have:

Lao Tzu ('founder' of Taoism, probably the oldest known anarchist, would be what we describe as green anarchist)
Mohandas Ghandi (you know who he is)
Leo Tolstoy (who wrote War and Peace)
J.R.R. Tolkien (who wrote Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit)
Noam Chomsky (famous linguist and philosopher)
Albert Camus (famous author and philosopher)
Max Stirner (philosopher, unionist)
Rudolph Rocker (philosopher, unionist)
Jean Paul Sartre (philosopher, fought the Nazis in the French resistance as a communist, later became anarchist)
Michel Foucault (philosopher)
Jacques Derrida (philosopher)
Henry David Thoreau (philosopher and author, influenced Ghandi)
Mother Jones (unionist)

Thus, if being an anarchist proves motives of violence, then what do you have to say about Ghandi, for example? The truth is that being an anarchist says nothing about a person's views on violence or property destruction. For that you have to ASK the person what their stance is on violence. Further, an anarchist is more likely to be peaceful and non-violent compared to, say, a Conservative.

Also, anyone who believes that power corrupts has anarchistic tendencies. If you also reject corrupt power, congratulations, you're an anarchist. Most people lead fairly peaceful lives based on consensual communal arrangements between themselves and others, not based on authoritative FORCE and COERCION, and this is a cornerstone of anarchism, the rejection of authority and power.

I use the terms others use

Thanks for the first year university lesson. I passed it some time ago though.

If you read my posting carefully you would note that I am referring to specific people, posts, and videos and not talking about anarchism in the broad sense. All the people you list were anarchists, or influenced anarchism ( although in my opinion Thoreau was not an anarchist at all) but they are not part of what this thread is about. I am just using the terms that people are using to define themselves as seen in their own writing and video. If they are giving anarchism a bad name then whose fault is that?

I did notice you were

I did notice you were referring to specific people and posts. Those specific posts engage in ad hominem attacks based primarily on the fact that someone is an anarchist. Someone pointed out that this is invalid, to which you responded that someone being an anarchist is a valid consideration, that it goes to motive. But how can this be? What are the motives?

Two packed meetings

Large crowd calls for closure of uranium plant

I only made the first meeting, but it sounds like they were both packed. I can post some notes later. My take is that a full public review of the plant safety is important and I am inclined to avoid other conclusions before more factual information is available. I recognised many faces, and talked to a few others.

Eight Minutes for Questions

Lots of credit to event organizers on Thursday night for streaming the meeting. Not exactly sure how the event was billed, but it was more of an anti-nuke symposium than a public consultation. After all of the speeches, a half empty room was given eight minutes for questions to wrap the two hour meeting.

Wow..the concerns over this

Wow..the concerns over this are based on some rather adept fear-mongering! UO2 has been used for years in ceramics and glass production, is currently in use in solar cell production and in creating radiation resistant concrete. Its use in nuclear fuel is limited as it can create non uniform heat patterns in the cells and rods but it is still used anyway. If you are concerned about the health effects of uranium dioxide, don't eat it! The dust can adhere to the lungs and cause long term health effects but no more so than asbestos (still in many buildings in Ontario).There is more harmful radiation in your local hospital...

Well if it's as "safe" as asbestos...

Who could be worried about that? ?!?

Most buildings with asbestos

Most buildings with asbestos in them are still occupied and used as offices and factories. Asbestos is only dangerous if it becomes physically degraded (broken or damaged) and fibers are released. Same thing for uranium long as the production parts of the plant on Lansdowne are kept under vacuum (lower pressure than the outside atmosphere), no dust is released to the atmosphere to cause any one any problems. The benzene fumes from the local gas stations are more dangerous than this or any asbestos in your office building...

Villager Article About GE Plant Tour

Villager reporter Lisa Rainford toured te GE-Hitachi plant on Lansdowne today. Here is her story

Star G.E. Story

Here is a link to a Star story about the first G.E. meeting. Sadly it looks like locals did not get a fair share of the air time. Was anybody there and want to give us some feedback?

Digin did pretty well

I don't know where you get the impression locals did not get a fair share of air time. The chair certainly knows the people in the community. For the first half of the discussion she asked panel members questions so she could set a respectful tone and cover a range of issues. Andrew and Jonah in particular did a good job of keeping the most local aspects of the issue on the front burner. Questions from the floor took issue with both sides, and while some people were pretty strongly against nuclear energy, that is to be expected and there was no real evidence of a campaign to have outside activists dominate the question time.

Impressions Came From ...

My impression is from the story I linked to above. There are at least 2 mentions of locals still having questions. Thats why I asked for info from somebody like yourself who was there.


I think that was mostly time constraints. Maybe you could have done a better job but the moderator did pretty well.

GE Hitachi Uranium Processing Plant

Hi there,.
My boyfriend and I recently signed a lease for a 2 bdrm townhouse on Foundry (Brownstones On The Park) and are set to move Dec 1st. I saw the Star and NOW article on this Uranium Processing Plant and am now getting a bit worried. On top of everything, I am just over 3 months pregnant with our first child. I'm trying to make sense of this whole thing, but the sheer amount of conflicting information on whether or not this area is safe is quite overwhelming. Curious if the people who currently live in the neighbourhood could weigh in? We are still pretty positive we will proceed with our move, but obviously I am worried about the health of myself, my boyfriend and our unborn child. We plan on attending the meeting on Thursday, but I was wondering what the neighbourhood take on the whole thing is?

Lived here for 5 years with

Lived here for 5 years with our 2 little boys. Love this neighborhood, not worried at all. We are far more concerned about the impact from the proposed diesel trains than a plant that has been there for 50+ years.

If you wish to be angry

Good point. While we need clear information on the plant rather than rhetoric. One fact that amazes me is that the World Health Organization has declared diesel to be a cancer causing carcinogen and the levels in the west end will increase because of the Metrolinx expansion. (and it will be a crappy system too.) There is a reason nobody builds diesel commuter rail anymore folks. Metrolinx's own "Air Quality & Health Impacts Report" concluded people in the “zone of influence” would experience a measurable air quality improvement with electrification. (AQHI Report, Tab 1J, at p. 33). No wall will stop this. That's something to get angry about.


If it is possible, the Wednesday meeting organized by Digin is far more likely to be productive. In the discussion supporting the Thursday meeting people primarily interested in the local plant have been shunned by people who want to tie the issue in with every nuclear accident that has ever happened. These are legitimate issues and topics, but immediate local concerns are far more likely to get drowned out. I would expect the Wednesday meeting to be far more focused on the local plant and concerns of people who live near it.

Hi there, I wouldn't want to

Hi there,
I wouldn't want to sway anyone's decision as ultimately everyone has to do what's in their best interest and more importantly gather the facts(none of which have been presented) and make an educated decision on their own. Having been a resident for the past 3 years of course there are concerns. However, on a personal level, I believe this is fear mongering at its finest. I was particularly displeased with how many realtors weighed in on this debate. You have to wonder why are they so concerned? Sell low(fear to scare current residents out) to then buy high(oh there's nothing wrong and this is an up and coming neighborhood)? Just a thought. If this is part of a larger issue as to why a company is in the middle of a residential area I understand the confusion and concern. If this is also some play at forcing them out(hello developers!) and to knock down what's there and south of this location(the towers which to me are more of a concern at how much the city has neglected its residents and the slum landlord who has gone unaccounted for) and build(hello developers again!) then I can see why it's getting so much attention. The Star article online has some great comments which for the most part echo the sentiment of fear mongering. Where does this all end? We don't know what WIFI does and it's all around us. People have been using cell phones for decades even though there is evidence of the damage it can cause if the device is placed on the side of your head you speak with. This is not to justify if in fact GE is doing anything health wise that is detrimental to the health of the community but until there is evidence to indicate this neighborhood has suffered abnormal health concerns over the last 50 years the plant has operated then I think we should all be concerned. If anything this debate has opened up dialogue. And if the company is in violation we certainly know that the attention will not allow them to operate another 50 years. So unfortunately the damage would have been done to previous long time residents not the ones that are gentrifying the hood now.

Secrecy and Accountability

The organizers of the Thursday meeting in particular seem to be a little over the top. But that doesn't mean that GE shouldn't be held accountable. I have a big problem with the secrecy alone. Secrecy destroys the role of the regulator. The regulators have real human relationships with company management, and do not have an open relationship with the public who are pawns or suckers. Over time decisions that are edge cases tend to start to fall in one direction. This was a major factor in the Deepwater Horizon incident. Why on earth would you renew the operating licence of this facility without demanding GE pay the bill for the contamination at Wallace and Lansdowne? As for what risks there are we don't know and I for one do not trust the regulator. Uranium is twice as heavy as lead so I'm not too worried about airborne contamination. All mechanical systems leak to some degree, so it is likely that something is getting out. The sewer system and therefore the water table is something I am a little more concerned about. Radio activity may not even be the biggest risk - some of the chemicals involved might also be very dangerous. Given the lack of public knowledge, I think the recent licence renewal should be considered invalid. I think there should be an extensive public safety review of the facility. If any contamination is found the management and regulators should face criminal negligence charges on both personal and organizational levels potential culpability should be compounded by the contempt they have shown the public. I think GE should pay the city twice the cost of the Lansdowne / Wallace clean up. Then maybe the licence renewal could be considered. In a democracy, this kind of secrecy really needs to have consequences. The fact that the anti nuclear organizers seem to be insane should not change that.

Clearing Air will be good

Good points. I dont think there is anything wrong with clearing the air and getting more info. I would say that there has been some hysteria whipped up by a few individuals who have antinuclear anarchist views (their words not mine).

In terms of Zach Ruiter within a page or two of a Google search or on a Youtube search a picture emerges of his interests and politics very quickly and I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions about his endorsement of G20 rioters among other things. Based on his past I would expect this to be an interesting meeting and I hope that the moderator can keep control and that locals get a fair chance to be heard.

By the way, its not gentrification, it's renewal.

Not Always A Secret

The Globe and Mail published a feature article on the Junction Triangle on Saturday, April 14, 1984. The article focused on all of the industry concentrated in our neighbourhood and provided a map showing their locations. The GE-Hitachi facility is marked on the map as "Nuclear Pelletizing Plant."


Did that spark much discussion?

Published in the Globe

It's difficult to determine what kind of discussion knowledge of the GE plant would have had in 1984. Publishing "Nuclear Pelletizing Plant" in the Globe and Mail dispells the notion that it has been a secret all these years. I know that environmental threats from area factories were on the minds of a number of residents during that period and an active Junction Triangle community group was busy pushing for tougher standards. It was the efforts of this group that first established the neighbourhood name Junction Triangle. Perhaps some residents from that time might re-call?

Your right Scott...i should

Your right Scott...i should have said renewal...i wanted to say renaissance but I'm biased as I have lived in and around the area most of my life...

DigIn Meeting About GE-Hitachi Facility

Got this notice from the Dupont Improvement Group (DigIn) about a meeting next Wednesday regarding the facility:

Wednesday 14 November 2012

@ 7pm - 8:15pm

Bloor Gladstone Library
1101 Bloor Street West

DIG IN Meeting Agenda

1. GE Plant at Dupont/Lansdowne - Nuclear manufacturing in our neighbourhood. What are the risks?

Guests will include:

MP Andrew Cash

MPP Jonah Schein

Activist Zach Ruiter

GE representatives – Communications and Plant Manager

*Councillor Cesar Palacio was invited but as of Thursday November 8th has not confirmed his attendance.

2. Doors Open Davenport - brief update

See you there!

Community Meeting

The meeting is scheduled for next Thursday November 15th at 7:00 pm at the Davenport Perth Neighborhood Centre 1900 Davenport Rd. at the corner of Symington and Davenport.