GE Plant Story

Now magazine has a story about the GE plant on Lansdowne just north of Dupont. As a journalist I must say that I found this story sloppy and a bit alarmist but felt people would want to read it so I posted it.

I have been in labs that use powdered uranium and it is very controllable and in fact there are radioactive substances all over that we never think of like x-rays and microwave ovens and of course the debate over cell phones. My point is this is just one story from a paper that I like but sometimes has shown a tendency to be one sided on some issues.

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GE Plant - Facebook

There's a Facebook group about this now:

...and they have an event planned:

Just want the full story

Thanks for posting this. I also saw this article and would like to get more information. I agree that the article seemed somwehat of scare tactic, but I do find it concerning that residents in the area (notably Davenport Village) were at least not made aware of what takes place there.