Recommended pet vets in the area?

We recently got a dog and would love to know if anyone can recommend a vet in the area. Thanks.

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Dundas Dovercourt Veterinary Hospital

We use Dundas Dovercourt Veterinary Hospital and have been very happy there. Dr. Dayed and his staff are professional and above all courteous.

I hope this helps

Bloor Court vet

We take our cat to Bloor Court vet, 1079 Bloor W., east of Dufferin on the south side. They are very nice and seem to offer good prices.

Dundas West

After we moved, we took our dog to Dundas West Animal Hospital. I really wasn't impressed, actually. I may leave it to my partner to do future visits, or we may move her. But I wouldn't recommend it.

pet vet

I had 2 cats. I went to Dundas West Animal Hospital in the Junction and had a number of issues. When I requested my file be sent from that vet to another I found personal comments made about me...nice, very professional!!

I ended up at Bathurst-Dupont Animal Hospital and never had ANY of the issues that I had at Dundas West. Prices were much more reasonable too.

Good luck.

Dundas West Animal Hospital

We use Dundas West Animal Hospital ( and are very happy with them.