Hipster Virus Warning

As a service to residents of Junction Triangle www.yelp.ca is providing maps that show clouds of the hipster virus, usually found downtown, spreading near our community. This may explain the rise in beards and coffee shops that we have been experiencing lately. It is safe to leave your homes but stare down at your phone constantly as you walk, to go unnoticed.

Please review this map and await further instructions:



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:p Dads were Hipsters before that word was invented


"Your dad judged people before you did and he’s got the confidence-crushing comments to prove it. With a switch blade tongue and devastating wit, every outing was an opportunity to eloquently express why everyone was terrible and why everything was fucked. He was the Einstein of insults that looked down on people from his pedestal of intelligence.

So hipsters, next time you’re sitting in the coffee shop you work at carefully crafting your judgement from behind your fair-trade, organic, vegan, non-GMO, ethically produced, locally sourced cafe-bullshit and getting ready to drop some hate into the world, remember this…

The first person that ever judged you was your dad.". LOL

re: Hipster Virus Warning

Wow, as a bearded 30 year old who lives in the triangle, I kinda find this offensive.

I prefer a mix

I'd like the neighbourhood to have something for everyone. It would suck if it was just a strip of hipster bars, but also suck if it was a bunch of crappy sports bars too. But I'm totally happy with a bit of everything.

re: Hipster Virus Warning

With all Respect Scott D;
I would rather see "Hipster Virus" spreading than
"This Month Only Bar/Eduardo's BBQ Chicken" virus spading.
Sorry About That,


I wouldnt take my posting too

I wouldnt take my posting too seriously. : )

But there IS a serious economic aspect to this story: