Improved Lighting

When the area traffic group started meeting one issue that came up a lot was the unfriendly and some times poorly lit underpasses in the area. Some feedback came the other day....

"A quick note to inform you that further to requests made by the JTTMC, and a lot of pushing by Councillor Bailão, Toronto Hydro will be rehabilitating the lighting at the following Junction Triangle underpasses: Dupont/Osler and Bloor/Perth"

Hopefully this will make these routes safer and more inviting at night with improved lighting.


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This is a great

This is a great initiative.
Talking about safety in the neighborhood, I live close to This Month Only Bar and Eduardos BBQ
I have noticed that characters that hung around there are getting "sketchier".
Has anybody else noticed the change?
I sometimes don't feel comfortable walking on north side of Dupont at Perth.