Any comments about the website?

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new South Junction Triangle Residents Association website. It's still a work in progress, so we're expecting plenty of new features here soon.

Do you have any ideas of what we should include on this website? Have any difficulties with using it?

Please post your ideas and suggestions here. We would love to hear your feedback! After all, this is your neighbourhood so your ideas count!

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Posting pics

Hi Julian,

The photo gallery is only open to website contributors. You can email me photos at and I can post them.

If you would like to contribute photos (or anything else!) to the website on an ongoing basis, we can also arrange further access.

What kind of photos do you want to post?



Hi Vic,

At the moment the images are generally of the railpath. Being a Graphic Designer I quite enjoy photography and love some of the unique and photogenic qualities of our neighbourhood. When I have a chance I will forward you some images that you can post at your discretion.


Right on.

That's great, Julian. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. Maybe we can put together some photo-essays on various neighbourhood locations/topics/etc.


Simple Question

How does one submit/post images of the local area. I failed to see anything in the image gallery.

Thanks Vic

You should be congratulated for the time you have spent.

I would like to see photo sections, or more photos with stories.

Possibly some columns that are musings by locals.

A History section?

Have schedules for skating and pools etc directly linked into the calendar.

A page with more City links for services.

Probably it should change its name or remove "association" as that group fell apart pretty quick and this is probably the only good thing that ever came of it. Maybe it can still have a group that oversees it so that it has a true community aspect.

Good suggestions

Thanks Scott. Those are good suggestions.

Photo-stories and "musings by locals" would be great. The forums are a good start to this, but I would also welcome more "formal" postings right to the main part of the site, especially if the photo-stories and musings are about current topics.

History section is definitely one of my long-term goals. It's also the most work. :) We already have quite a few photos collected from the archives... We could start the History section with a few short articles about some of the basics of the neighbourhood's history, and then just expand from there. But it's a matter of finding contributing writers. I would also REALLY like to see more photos of the neighbourhood that are NOT from the City of Toronto Archives.

Schedules etc... Yes, I occasionally browse through other community sites to look for events to post to our calendar. I would also like other community groups to start regularly sending event listings too.

The "association" has been inactive for well over a year now. I will probably remove the "association" references soon. I would be happy to post things here from any other community group / residents association that may rise up in the future.

But main goal for this site is to truly be a *community* project, so contributions from everyone are welcome.

Neighbourhood website - Any suggestions?

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to see that many people are showing interest in this website and using it to discuss local issues. Thanks for dropping in!

Although the Residents Association itself has been very quiet, this community website continues to move forward. Some people have been offering suggestions to me about what they would like to see on this site. Here are a few that will hopefully materialize soon:

  • A "Parenting" section with focus on raising kids in our neighbourhood
  • Links to websites about people in our neighbourhood
  • A local business directory
  • More photo galleries
  • etc...etc...

What other ideas do you have? What would you like to see on a local community website?

I am also open to having more people contribute to this site. Being a community website, it would be great to get more of the community involved with it. Contributions can be done on many different levels:

  • Tell your friends and neighbours about this site
  • Post messages in the focums and respond to news items.
  • Send us any upcoming local event you want listed on the calendar.
  • Send us news events or stories from around the neighbourhood.
  • If you're really ambitious, you can get involved with posting news / blog entries here yourself.
  • Etc....

Hope you're enjoying this website. It would be great to hear any suggestions, and also contributions of any kind.


great to see more neighbours getting together

great to see more neighbours/communities getting together to promote & co-create a healthier urban life for all children and everyone.

Though i live in beautiful Parkdale, I work right near perth/bloor.

funny i should come across you guys here just when that public visioning meeting is happening tonight. (i should be there).

i trust you guys feel all the benefits of more bike riding, trees, positive places for youth, pleasent pedestrian places and less poisinous, stinky, ugly, noisy, space-hogging over-conveniencing of car driving?


Hi Ira,

Welcome to the neighbourhood.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I'm all for the positive things you mentioned. :-)

Enjoyed the Bloor/Dundas meeting tonight. Spoke to several people about this Residents Association too (I was the one who mentioned it to the group towards the end of the evening).


Updated colours

Using the same website theme, I chose a different colour scheme. I think it looks warmer and nicer.

Colours, links etc.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks. Glad you like the site!

The blue colours are from the default theme, and none of that has been tweaked yet. I don't have much of an artistic eye, but I'll probably try making a nicer colour scheme soon. I feel that this one is a bit too icy, which isn't necessarily so bad in the winter. :)

So far the "links" section of the website has been very local to the neighbourhood and surrounding area. But perhaps we can expand that to city-wide organizations and groups later, if they're relevant to our neighbourhood. There certainly are some active transportation issues that need to be addressed in this area.


Nice work (blue is not my

Nice work (blue is not my favourite but .............) looks clean and efficient, and pleasant.
Everything i tried seems to work - so i added a piece about the West TO Rail Path.
More links to Active Transport sites would be good (TCAT,CBN, TO Cyclists Union); you may want 'SJTRA' to join TCAT?