Perth Wallace Crossing Guard?

I am not a parent but here is a question I would ask parents and others. As I sit looking out of my office at the busy morning and afternoon traffic, plus construction traffic, at Perth and Wallace I ask myself why does the second busiest (and soon to be busier) intersection in JT not have a crossing guard? I have asked people about this and nobody seems to know. I think it is worth asking especially with so many little folk in the area now. I have left messages with our school trustee but she has never called me back.

I should add that over the last 10 years I have noticed traffic increase at that corner and have seen the City traffic counts that prove it. With construction at the Church plus more construction on Wallace and Ernest coming its just going to get busier. YOu also have cars parking on curbs for the variety store. and as well the City is building a new road that will connect to both ends of Elsie Lane so that means more cars.

We have had a few close calls over the years during the morning rush, and its good to know that a bump out will be coming to this intersection help slow things down but I am amazed that there is no crossing guard here. Any body know why?


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Crossing Guard has been requested

In following up with Ana Bailao a request has been put in for an additional crossing guard at Wallace and Perth. Hard to believe there wasn't one before. Ernest and Perth needs to keep its guard as there will be construction and increased traffic in the near future.

Nope - but there should be an

Nope - but there should be an easy transfer of the dude at Ernest because with Solways gone, there is no real need for anyone there - particularly if compared to Wallace! Someone should just suggest moving him one block north...!