299 Campbell development & expansion of the Perth-Dupont Library


Date: November 5th, 2013
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Casa da Madeira,
1621 Dupont St. W.

This community meeting is an opportunity for residents to learn about the development at 299 Campbell Avenue. An important part of this project is the exciting potential to expand the Perth-Dupont Library. This meeting will provide updates on the project and gain important community feedback. Join me and local residents on November 5th as we review this new development and opportunities to expand this community library.

For additional inquiries, please contact: councillor_bailao@toronto.ca, or call (416) 392-7012.

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New Junction Triangle Library

Good news to report. City Council has just given their final approval for plans to build a new library in the Junction Triangle! The fully funded plan will see the new 10,000 square foot library built at 299 Campbell Avenue at Dupont (about three blocks east of its present location).
The current location will remain open until the new branch is complete. Opening day is probably two years away (or more). Construction details and updates will follow.

New Library Facebook Site

The latest news about plans to build a new neighbourhood library, plus details about activities and events at the Perth/Dupont Library can be now found on the Facebook group Junction Triangle Library. It's a new forum for library lovers to stay up-to-date on constructions news and share their experiences and views about this great community resource.

If you like the library with plans to grow, please join us!

Library Plan Gets Planning Committee Approval

The library expansion project passed another hurdle in the approval process today. The Planning and Growth Management Committee approved a motion brought by Councillor Ana Bailao this afternoon to permit a zoning amendment that would allow a mixed use development at 299 Campbell Avenue including a fabulous, new 10,000 square foot library.
It's an important step that goes on to the full Council for a vote on December 4th.
Today's effort was aided greatly by Library Board member and City Councillor for Ward 13, Parkdale-High Park, Sarah Doucette who spoke in support of the plan. Many thanks to both Councillors! We're moving forward because of their efforts today.

Library Project Making Its Way Through Approval Process

Just a note to let everyone know that the Library project was up for another round of approvals yesterday at the Planning and Growth Committee at City Hall. With Councillor Ana Bailao's help the item passed with no problem and it is on to the full City Council for approval on Dec.16-17. Short of some last minute snafu, it looks like clear sailing now for a new library in the Junction Triangle.

City Council Approves New Junction Triangle Library

This evening Toronto City Council approved a plan to build a new, 10,000 square foot library as part of a condo project at 299 Campbell Avenue. This was the last major hurdle in the approvals process. It's an awesome development made possible by Councillor Ana Bailao. She has delivered something really great for our neighbourhood.
Over the course of the next six months, the developer will finish the final design of the building. When complete, sales of the condo units will begin and once they reached about 70% sold, construction will start. The new library should open in about three years if all goes well.

Thanks for the great news

Thanks for the great news Kevin,

Special thanks goes to the JT / PerthDupont library visionaries and supporters,

And a big THANK YOU to our city councillor Ana Bailao, you and your team have given our community a great asset, our children & adults will benefit greatly, because of your efforts....

Thank you

Fantastic news......Thank

Fantastic news......

Thank you Ana and the 299 Campbell developer, and thx to the library expansion committee,

This is a major step in the right direction for our community

Please come out

This is a great opportunity for the community and a great chance to have our branch named Junction Triangle.

Important Library Meeting Tuesday

It started just two years ago during the outcry about closing city libraries. A group of Junction Triangle residents rallied for a bigger library. And presto a proposal that would take us from the smallest branch in the TPL to a full-sized, 10,000 sq. ft. library.
Help close the deal on Tuesday! Strong resident support is needed to guide the library-approved plan through the public review and formal approval process.