Union Pearson Express Electrification Environmental Assessment Public Open House

Union Pearson Express Electrification Environmental Assessment Public Open Houses

Electrification of Union Pearson (UP) Express is part of The Big Move, Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan to dramatically improve how people move in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Metrolinx and Hydro One Networks Inc. invite you to their joint Public Open Houses to learn more about the plans to electrify UP Express. At the Open House, interested members of the community can receive a project update and provide feedback on the preliminary design components, environmental effects and mitigation and next steps/timelines.

The UP Express route and proposed locations for electrification components are shown on the map below.

The Open Houses will provide you with an opportunity to view displays and speak one-on-one with project staff.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, February 10, 2014
Lithuanian House
1573 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M6P 1A6

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Click here to download a PDF file of the full meeting notice, which includes a map, additional meeting dates/locations, contact information, etc.

MetrolinxElectrification_PublicNotice-5749-GO_Final.pdf256.97 KB


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Electrification Meeting Panels

Here is a link to the panels that Metrolinx is showing the public.


It is great to see the leg work being done on electrification but we should keep in mind that there is no financial commitment from the Liberal government and the NDP abandoned us. So this will be an election issue in our area.

Here are a couple of thoughts about the panels.

1. There seems to be no reference to adding stations along the APL or the corridor. Once again Metrolinx needs to catch up with where the public is as using the corridor as part of an western DRL is gaining momentum by the day. It should, its a good idea.

2. Metrolinx still refuses to admit that electric rains are quieter than diesel ones despite the fact that every electric rail operator on earth says so and it doesnt matter whether the trains are European or North American designs. These panels say that with electrification noise will not get worse than with diesel trains which is a true but misleading statement; the trains will be quieter but to say that means that Metrolinx will have to admit diesel is louder and they cant do that. For the last few years Metrolinx has said that electric trains are not quieter because of things like the noise from the overhead pantograph but now they state "Therefore, no adverse noise effects are anticipated due to pantographs.". Its sad when an organization tries to invent its own science.

3. Metrolinx still plays down the impact of diesel pollution in our area by always referring to pollution levels within a regional framework. They never talk about pollution locally because they know it looks bad. Other rail systems like CalTrain have the courage to tell the public the truth and thats why they are getting rid of diesel.

"In addition to the air quality benefits of reducing automobile use for commuting by
increasing rail ridership, electric operations are expected to produce substantial
reductions in corridor air pollution emissions when compared with diesel locomotives,
even when the emissions of electrical power generation are included in the analysis.
Electrically powered trains are also more energy efficient than diesel-electric trains.
Reduced energy use also translates into reduced air emissions. Reductions in air
pollutant emissions represent long-term health benefits for Caltrain riders, and residents
and employees along the Caltrain corridor. " (http://www.caltrain.com/Assets/Peninsula+Rail+Program/Electrification+20...)

Electrification Meeting

From the weekend edition of the Villager, "South Parkdale resident Ric Amis...said he was disappointed to find the meeting was presented as a series of panels as opposed to a presentation by Metrolinx followed by a question-and-answer period. "