Farmer's Daughter - 1588 Dupont St.

Farmer's Daughter, a new restaurant opening soon at 1588 Dupont St., NW corner of Franklin Ave. Run by the same owners as the Farmhouse Tavern.

Find them on Twitter @DupontDaughter

"A bustling & convivial eatery. FARMER'S Daugter serves a small dinner menu. A little brunch/A lot of booze. Sunny patio. #FriedShrimpAndFriendship1588 Dupont"

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I live on this block and am

I live on this block and am delighted to hear this - sounds like a perfect addition to the neighbourhood. Hope it will spark even more good things along Dupont.

Farmer's Daughter in The Grid

The Grid has posted a brief preview:

The new spot will be, as MacDonell says, “more urban, more modern, and more feminine.” It will also have chef Leonie Lilla (previously of Daisho and the Libertine) helming the kitchen.
MacDonell doesn’t want to “pigeonhole the menu too early on” but says that “as much as Farmhouse Tavern is meat-heavy, [Farmer's Daughter] will be a little bit lighter, with more seafood influence.”