Railpath Expansion Meeting

The West Toronto Railpath is a landmark of our community, offering critical green space and an important cycling and pedestrian corridor.

Phase 2 of this project is the extension of Railpath south of Dundas and has been a top priority for my office and I am very excited to announce new breakthroughs in discussion with Metrolinx about this important community project.

Join us for our public meeting on June 23rd, 5:30-8:30PM at 75 Lansdowne Avenue and participate in the design feedback on this important pedestrian and cycling corridor. Please also pass this information along to neighbours and friends who may be interested.

Councillor Bailao

Railpath Meetimg 2Railpath Meetimg 2


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Railpath Meeting tonight

Come out tonight. Railpath expansion will open our community up to so many new possibilities. Have your say and be heard. Consider what Railpath expansion with a bridge to Wabash could mean. Lets keep Railpath expansion going and ask Metrolinx to prove they support more than just trains as transit solutions. The City will expand Railpath and Metrolinx has the money and mandate to build a bridge and take it to the next level. Show up and show it matters to you.