Free Veggie Seedlings + Gardener & Tech Savvy Artist for Hire!

Hi there,

I have a bunch of tomato seedlings as well as a variety of cucurbits (gourds and cucumbers - pics and more info at end of post) which are looking for a home or...*

I'm also interested in seeing if I could make some money gardening - I'd much rather be pulling unwanted planted from your interlock than working retail, etc

I've been teaching myself about plants since I interned on a farm in Brantford, ON in 2010. I'm also interested in sustainability and enjoy cycling my tools around the city and using natural/organic/biodynamic methods.


  • you'd like your kids to grow up around veggies - learning more about where their food comes from,
  • or if you're looking for low maintenance, drought-tolerant & native plants..
  • if you're interested in getting a gardener-in-training rate,

then I'm your gal!

I have a background in urban agriculture, visual & media arts as well as graphic design - I've facilitated various youth arts programs at community centres. I've helped a school group, and a community garden program, screen print t-shirts with their logos to sell at events (pic below), etc. I put together an annual newsletter for a youth center and made Christmas catalogues for my current employer.. but I thought I'd try getting a freelance gig here! Need help with your logo, website or social media? Want a fun activity at your kids birthday party? I can help! Thanks for reading my post :-)
 photo Bpt5EGQIMAEbk1o.jpg

 photo cultivate.jpg
 photo 222997_248742878478891_4203818_n.jpg

*I would also be interested in tending the plants if: we get along, you're close by & you don't have time to water, weed 'n feed veggies (& keep 'em pest free).

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Free Veggie Seedlings +