How about the good stuff!

I find this forum always seems to highlight the bad things what about the this:

Davenport/Corso Italia being number 20 on the list(and that's just up the street) and the JT(along with Dovercourt/Wallace Emerson) being number 29! If you account for the fact that the first 10 neighborhoods are old money and established, you're sitting in an area that is in the top 10 and 20 in the entire city people! Why the fear mongering! We have a good thing going. Actually, these articles just let the cat out of the bag for people! Come on people...great restaurants(Emerson, Whipporwil, Farmhouse Tavern, Farmer's Daughter) great cafes(Propeller, Wallace Espresso, The Sovereign) art galleries, the West Toronto Rail Path, proximity to transit(GO and TTC) along with the eclectic mix of people, why do we always promote the negative! This is a great place, always has, always will! If you want a perfect neighborhood, go to the white picket fence in nowhere land and even then there will always be problems!!!!