Is Colt Paper at 151 Sterling Rd the Oldest Business in the Triangle Junction?

colt paper, custom cardboard boxesColt Paper has been making custom cardboard boxes at 151 Sterling Rd since 1962, when Sydney Colt bought the building. But he was in the box business in the Triangle Junction thirty years before that. .. Colt started back in 1935 when Sydney realized the manufacturing concerns all along the railroad tracks in Toronto's industrial sector were always critically short of boxes. He began buying and selling used containers of all descriptions, and doing business under the name S. Colt & Sons throughout the west Toronto area.

For many years S Colt and Sons bought and sold cardboard boxes in and around the Junction; their customers were store merchants and industrialists all over the city. In the 1950’s, S. Colt & Sons started ordering new boxes direct from Canadian cardboard manufacturers and the company grew to include more full time employees.

By the 1960’s, Colt Carton Service had become a manufacturer of corrugated boxes.
colt paper manufactured cardboard boxes in Toronto

Who invented the cardboard box?
In the 1961 Colt Paper started manufacturing cardboard boxes in Toronto and followed a process that was pioneered almost one hundred years earlier in England called called 'pleating paper'to make stuff used as a liner for fancy hats. The corrugated box board was patented ten years later on December 20, 1871. The patent was issued to Albert Jones of New York City for single-sided (single-face) corrugated board.

sterling rd looking north
This is Sterling Rd looking north from Dundas St in the early 1920s. This is the industrial park beside the railroad tracks. Colt Paper set up their factory here in the 1960s and they have been making and selling custom cardboard boxes ever since.

In the mid-1950s, cardboard fruit boxes took off in America because they enabled fresh produce to be brought from the farm to the urban grocer without bruising, and quickly thereafter the demand for cardboard became industry - wide, and Colt Paper was in the thick of it!
inside colt paper
In the 1970s and 80s, Sidney’s son Neil helped expand the company to include various products for shipping including bubble wrap, custom cardboard tubes with crimped ends or plugs, poly bags, packing peanuts, custom wooden crates, poly foam.
Colt paper , moving boxes
The area has changed from industrial park to an artsy entrepreneurial zone, but Colt Paper can still be found at 151 Sterling Rd. Toronto Ontario Canada M6R 2B2. Tel: 416 - 535 - 7234 or call toll free, 1- 800 - 249 - 2658

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Oldest local businesses

I also can't think of any other continuously-run business older than Cowan's -> Rowntree -> Nestle. Laura Secord fits into that timeline in at least the 70's too (Ref:;jsessionid=00...)

Toronto Hydro, though a municipally-owned corporation, built their 30 Edwin Ave. substation in 1911, and have used it continuously since.


Thank you for the great piece!

Thank you for the great piece on the history of our company, Colt Paper.
I learned alot about the history of the Sterling Rd. /Perth neighbourhood that I didn't even know about.
We are a proud member of this community.

Scythes Flags which is now

Scythes Flags which is now Flying Colours at 128 Sterling was formed in 1910 although I am not sure how long they have been on Sterling.

The owner of Colt told me his building used to be the storage facility for People's Jewellers and included security for their goods.

Oldest JT Business

Cowan's chocolate factory on Sterling was built in 1904-1905. The company was sold to Rowntree in the 1980's and it was later taken over by Nestle's. The business is still there, just under different management.
Irv Ungerman who ran Royce Dupont Chickens closed his poultry company a number of years ago, but he still runs his business affairs from a neighbourhood office and is a significant land owner in the area.
Ontario Hardwood Lumber has been around since the 1950's I believe. While the wood lot and mill were moved out of the neighbourhood ages ago, the office remains in operation on Perth Avenue.
Great to have Colt Paper still in the area even if the title of "Oldest Business" is an uncertain claim.