5th Anniversary of Junction Triangle Naming Project

Monday, March 16 marks the fifth anniversary of the Junction Triangle naming project.

Archival material from the two-year project will be posted all day Monday on neighbourhood Facebook pages and at JunctionTriangle.ca.

To help celebrate the occasion, residents are invited to join with their neighbours at Boo Radley’s (1482 Dupont Street) beginning at 8 p.m. Councillor Ana Bailao will be on hand as our VIP guest.

Come and help us mark a turning point in neighbourhood history in a spirited manner!


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JT 5th Anniversary

Hi, I had emailed the photos from the Junction Triangle's 5th Anniversary event to you awhile ago. Did you receive them?

Six Years Ago in the Globe and Mail

Monday, March 16 is the fifth anniversary of the Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming project. Here's how the Globe and Mail's John Barber described the initiative on May 13, 2009.

Junction Triangle in the News

A story about the Junction Triangle anniversary appears in Villager this week.