UP Express - Prices / Service to/from Downtown

Hi All:

Over the last few months I've been following up with Metrolinx about its plans for allowing people to board at Bloor heading to Union/vice versa. Given the UP Express will be stopping every 15 min in our neighborhood, I've been interested to learn whether/how accessible it will be for those wishing to board at Bloor heading downtown/or vice versa.

Originally, I was told by Metrolinx would be considering options for those in the Bloor/Weston area:

"Details on cost are yet to be determined along with many other factors, however UP Express will provide additional options for customers in the area of the Weston GO and Bloor GO to reach the downtown core."

Most recently, I was provided with the following information by Marcia (Marcia.Elie@gotransit.com):

"I have the following proposed fares for travel from Bloor or Weston GO Stations to/from Union Station

PRESTO Fares – One Way Adult non-Pearson 2 Stops $15.20 – Without PRESTO $22.00
1 Stop $11.40 – Without PRESTO $16.50
There is no planned discounts for frequent travellers as this service is not designed as a commuter service."

These prices seem high and priced to be a deterrent. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has investigated this issue or has any information about what our councillor is doing to advocate on this issue. I continue to see more and more people using the GO train and having the option of affordable mid-day/evening/weekend transit on UP Express (given the trains will be stopping anyways and that GO doesn't run at these times) seems to make sense and would only increase the accessibility and attractiveness of the community as more people are moving in with the condos/townhouses etc...


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Vic, obviously Metrolinx is a

Vic, obviously Metrolinx is a provincial agency, but that does not mean that advocacy on this issue should be limited to the provincial representative. That's not how politics or local policy works, especially on this particular issue, given the scope and economics of the project. Advocacy on this issue from our local municipal counsillor and our local federal MP is as, or more, powerful than just focussing on the local MPP. All levels of government focus on 'local' issues, and the more pressure points a particular issue gets from all governments the better. People that are interested and/or invested in this issue should contact any or all of their political representatives with their thoughts and concerns.

UP fares

This is an issue that was discussed pretty much right from the beginning. Local residents always hopes that with the additional Bloor and Weston stops, that this line would actually add to the public transit mix. Fares are somewhat lower than initially feared, but still, not at all worth it for regular use.

GO has plans for frequent all-day two-way service with their Regional Express Rail, so we may eventually get a more reasonable fare. Will have to wait....

Also, it's not really up to the city councillor in this case. Metrolinx/GO/UP are provincial agencies, and therefore our MPP (and neighbouring MPPs) are the ones who should be advocating on our behalf.

But in my opinion, MPP support in Davenport has been severely lacking.....