this month only bar ...yes it's true..hope some buys this place BUT puts the scum bar out and opens a great neighborhood bar instead..please

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Had a look inside

Its been for sale for a long time. I looked at it as a rental property and it was a WRECK inside. By that i mean major water damage from the leaky roof. I hope whoever buys it has a lot of money.
I also hope they end the lease with the bar downstairs... give it a coat of paint, clean the tables, charge more then 2 bucks a beer and hopefully all the D-Bags will move on.

One of the conditions of sale

One of the conditions of sale is that the current bar owner (the building owner) be allowed a 5 year lease.

I have felings that there will be other news about this location in the near future so stay tuned.

Ad reads "Owner Owns Main

Ad reads "Owner Owns Main Floor Bar And Will Lease Back On 5 + 5 Yr Lease". Doesn't necessarily sound like a condition, more like an offer to a potential buyer...

Wicked! So then, to

Wicked! So then, to reiterate the previous poster, a proper bar then...I know we have Boo's down the way but a little competition never hurt anyone...

Beautiful building...great

Beautiful building...great patio potential...hopefully it turns up in better hands...this hood needs a good pizza place...what do you say queen margherita or libretto?

The Hood is already going to

The Hood is already going to have a pizzeria ! The gentleman who took over Leiria Bakery was a chef/pizza maker at Terroni! He's just waiting on his wood burning oven!


What is the deal with Leira? Now open though I haven't been able to stop yet. Only an M on the window.

So this is what the M stands

So this is what the M stands for...exciting...been away from the hood most of this month so haven't been...any thoughts?

This Month Only Bar for Sale

Great news - so glad to hear it's for sale! Would be great to walk by there and not get starred at and verbally harassed for once.