Tuck Shop?

Does anyone know what the Tuck Shop is--the one that is opening or looks to be almost open on Edwin, just north of Dupont?

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Great Burger

Had the burger and daily soup today, both excellent. Great guys working there too, an excellent addition to the area!

TuckShop Kitchen

Hey everyone - I just discovered this and if you haven't yet already discovered us, TuckShop Kitchen is a new takeout sandwich and convenience store.

I'm one of the owners and moved into the Junction Triangle last Sept, and with my Partner Glen have been renovating and working w/the city for approval to open. At TuckShop, we grind our own burgers, cure/smoke our own bacon and roast our turkey breasts. Everything is made in house and pride ourselves with bringing a great sandwich at an affordable price.

Here's a few links to learn more:

Website: www.facebook.com/TuckShopKitchen
Profile by Toronto Life: http://bit.ly/1WeragT
Profile by BlogTO: http://bit.ly/1OzCp4t

We'll have a website up very soon at www.TuckShopKitchen.ca


Wonder if this is from the

Wonder if this is from the same owners as this place that is now closed... http://www.yelp.ca/biz/to-tuck-shop-toronto

Stopped by earlier this

Stopped by earlier this afternoon. They sell sandwiches served with side salads and assorted beverages. They'll also be selling groceries. A bit like Mattachioni across the street.

I was wondering that too!

I was wondering that too!