Erwin Krickhahn Park extension into Paton Rd.

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At the next Toronto and East York Community Council meeting, councillors will be voting on agenda item TE27.55: the permanent closure of the short section of Paton Rd. just north of Erwin Krickhahn Park, and transferring the land to Parks and Recreation for the purpose of extending the park north.

A PDF copy of the Staff Report can be found here, as well as a PDF version of the sketch here.

Some quotes from the Staff Report:

Transportation Services recommends that the portion of the public highway known as Paton Road, abutting the north limit of Erwin Krickhahn Park, be permanently closed and jurisdiction be transferred to Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Councillor Adam Giambrone requested that the Highway be permanently closed and jurisdiction be transferred to PF&R for the development of a community garden to enhance the existing Erwin Krikhahn Park.


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Erwin Krickhahn Park - Clearing up some misconceptions

This week's Community Council meeting has nothing to do with voting for or against a garden. It is simply about closing that section of Paton Rd. and reassigning the space to the park. Just expanding the park. That's a good thing, in my opinion.

Later on, when they decide what to do with this additional park space, one of the ideas put forward is to put in a garden. This is not necessarily what will be done. Sure, there may be better ideas....

Currently that patch of asphalt is used to park private motor vehicles and to dump garbage. An expanded park, even if it's used by gardeners, is a heck of a good improvement over a chunk of asphalt used for private car/garbage storage. Asphalt with car/garbage storage, or park land with natural space / gardens. What sounds better?

More support for the library would be great too, I have no problem with that. It's a separate issue though, from a different part of the city's budget. A park can also be used year-round, 24 hours/day.

Erwin Krickhahn Park - Cost

I forgot to mention in my original reply. The cost of this project is detailed if you follow the link in the original article.

I hope they fill in the entrance to the under path

I'm hoping that when they decide to take the asphalt out, that they would consider filling in the entrance to the underpath, there were many reason for closing that underpath, one was west nile the other reason was a good breeding ground for rats, dark and damp. The family next door to the dead end has phoned the City on many occasions regarding rats coming out of the cracks from the path. By filling in and leveling the entrance will look better and make it safer for all and out of mind and sight, forgetting a sad chapter in time and a waste of money and idea.

Filling in the underground: yes

I agree. I would advocate to have that underground tunnel filled in too. Wonder how much money that would cost? Could it be part of the larger project when it comes time to create the park extension?

not a good idea

they should open it up again and make it one way. make wallace one way going the opposite direction, as well as opening up Antler street again. I don't think not adding a few hundred metres of park will make or break the community. Wallace is really busy and crowded lately. Time to take the pressure off of it.

Not gonna happen...

I'd love to see all of those crossing opened up again, but it's not going to happen.

It's completely out of the City's control too. The railway companies will never agree to having more level crossings. Too much of a headache for them. Transport Canada would probably object too. If anything, the railways are working on eliminating level crossings, rather than adding them.

Also..there's a possibility that we will lose the Wallace Ave. level crossing, depending on what happens with the Davenport Diamond grade separation project!

More money needed for the perth and dupont Library

When I was speaking with Carmen, the librarian at a meeting last week. She was expressing her fustration how over crowded the library is,even more so how an extention is so badly needed for the library. Many library's in davenport( Gladstone, st clair & duffern) has had some kind of renovation, except dupont/perth. So before we start to break asphalt and make gardens, I would like to see the cost. I would also love to see some of the money go to the library at perth and dupont. Something that can be used by everyone and which is open all year round.

Compromise Please

AGREE: our community library does need a reno and a larger space. But please let us discuss COMPROMISES for all projects and avoid another win-lose attitude for projects that will really benefit many people.

Both projects have merit.

Both have Merit we all agree

We all agree both have merit. They both are part of separate budgets of separate departments and exclusive to each other. You lobby for one and lobby for the other. I don't see any conflict here. We want them both.

The earlier comment about giving land to private citizens is inaccurate and obviously ill-informed. Taking an unneeded hundred feet of pavement and creating a community garden follows a continent wide trend that has support from from all sides. I suggest looking it up online for more info.

Next up, Community compost.

Taking public space and

Taking public space and turning it over to private citizens is not progress. And invoking children is patronizing and exploitative.

Good Grief

Please not this again!

A Great Plan

Less pavement and more green, a learning opportunity for kids, and a place for community members to meet and know beach other. A long overdue development that I hope spreads to some other asphalt spots in the area.