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Our vibrant community has many home-based, small and medium sized businesses. There are artists, designers and writers. Do you have a business you would like to promote? Post up your web site address and/or phone number and a short description of your business. We'd love to support your endeavors!

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Hours & Events

Hey neighbours! Michael & Shelley from Boo Radley's. Our summer hours are as follows.
Mon - Sat. Noon til 2:00 am
Sun. Noon til Midnight
Full kitchen - Sun -Wed Noon til 11:oo pm
Thurs, Fri, Sat Noon til Midnight
Wings and Poutine available til close every night!
We are also taking advantage of the extended hours for World Cup play! Don't forget about our third Anniversary Party Sat. June 5th!. See ya there! M&S

Junction Triangle Piano Lessons

Hi Fellow Junction Triangle-ers!

I am a pianist and teacher that just moved to the neighbourhood. Just want to put out the word that I am currently accepting students -big and small, beginners and experienced.

I am an active performer with over ten years of teaching experience and am an inspiring and personable teacher! Please email me if you have any questions or would like to set up a free consultation/interview.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Stephanie Chua
M.Mus., Artist Diploma, B.Mus.


What's your e-mail address Stephanie?

Stephanie's email

I noticed it's on the "Goodbye" page of her website.

Thank you

Hi Everyone,

To Jack, Virginia, Kevin and anyone else that is the current topic of discussion, "thank you for attempting to make this piece of the pie, a better place to live in."
I may not agree with the renaming of community or the obstruction of green space and I have opinions on how things should be done but I think that people need to take a minute and recognize that "there is someone out there that cares to make a difference."
What are you doing to today to contribute to society?

Those who attempt to lead in any community face a lot of resistance and scrutiny.
I've learned the meaning of that on a whole new level in the last couple of years with the organization of the Perth Festival and being the chair of Perth P.S.
"There is always someone to criticize/scrutinize/complain but rarely are they the ones that are willing to come out and do the work."

Yesterday I gathered my team at work together and we decided that we were going to buy a rooster/2 chickens and some fresh water for a family in need.
It sounds funny but there are many needy and worthwhile causes out there that need help. Make a positive difference today.