CPLC Winter Clothing Drive

The Community Police Liaison Committee of the Toronto Police 11 Division has organized a winter clothing drive. Details in the attached flyer.


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This more then green space or paton rd we are talking about

I first want to respond to the person who wrote" Get Real". This is a response you would hear from young kids when you ask them, what kid of people use food banks and they respond like lazzy, don't like to work and so on. Hungry and poverty is real and I wouldn't want to be in that situation. They only ones who are not going hungry is all the City workers, government workers and union workers, who are taking and making all the money, always asking for more, thats who's hands are always out asking for things.

Now getting back to Paton road, green space and the garden. To me this is about a councillor dictating to others, how a community should look like and what we need or don't need. I say BS. This about a councilor catering to a group of people and saying I don't care what others think. You like what I like, thats good with me. You don't dictate in Rosedale, forrest hill or Highpark. I also asked the City when the soil will be tested. There has been trees planted at the dead end, where the bit of grass is over the years and the trees never grows. You never see green leaves. I wonder why??

stop feeling sorry for yourself

people are lazy they know they dont have to work because theres always some sucker to give them something as for that dead end street patton maybe someone should just get a bag of grass seed and it might grow

get real

you must be 1 of these dead beats so how about getting a job instead of waiting for handouts thats the problem with some of your kind always with your handout waiting for help but never willing to help yourself

wasted good money

the 65 thousand dollars the city spent on tearing up good roads to make vegatable gardens it could have been better spent on putting clothes on peoples back and food in there tummy dont you think

To wasted money

I couldn't agree with you more.

Don't Agree

Does poverty mean that we can't make more green spaces in the City? Don't City taxpayers already dole out enough covering welfare costs? Perhaps other levels of government or individuals could help out more rather than just municipal property owners. And what was so good about the dead-end of Paton Street? Bags of garbage and a parking spot for a couple of cars are much better replaced by a larger park. So NO, I don't agree with your assertion which is offensive. The City has done something nice for the neighbourhood. Try and take it for what it is, a good thing.