DIGIN Meeting - Tony Ruprecht

The next DIGIN meeting takes place on Tuesday December 8th 2009, 7:00PM in the Ambrico Room of the Wallace-Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St. (at Dupont).

DIGIN meetings are a great place to meet other residents and find out more about what is happening in the general Bloor-Lansdowne area. There are often representatives from Councillor Giambrone's office to provide updates about local issues and other news.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this month's meeting is that our local MPP, Tony Ruprecht, will attend. This should be an excellent opportunity to ask him about provincial issues that are directly affecting our neighbourhood. Do you have any questions or comments you would like to pass on to him? List them in the comments below.

Here is the agenda for this month's meeting so far. I will update it if there are any additions or changes:

  1. Tony Ruprecht
  2. PPT / U of T project
  3. Light Up Bloordale -- Neighbourhood Engagment Project
  4. Other business
  5. What’s Ahead? – New project suggestions? What would you like to do?

After the meeting, many people often re-convene at a local restaurant or pub for a post-meeting social.


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Ruprecht - Davenport Diamond?

Donna from DIGIN writes:

Tonight's meeting will start promptly at 7pm as our guest, Tony Ruprecht will have to leave early.
Doors will be open at 6:45pm

I hope this doesn't mean that Mr. Ruprecht will bail before anyone has a chance to ask serious questions.

To me, the most important issue right now is the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation. A few things I want to know:

  • For the April 22nd 2009 public meeting, why was so little notice given by GO / Metrolinx / the Provincial Government? For such a major infrastructure project in our neighbourhood, why was there only an ad The Villager just a few days before the meeting? Why no flyers or other communications? Why did we have to depend on our local councillors' offices (Giambrone's and Palacio's) to get the word out at the last minute?
  • Now that the Davenport Diamond project has been rolled into a much larger EA for the entire line's expansion, how will the affect the way this project progresses? What kinds of public consultations will we have?
  • Will the previous 3 options (Underpass, bridge/wall, combined existing with bridge/wall) still be on the table, or is the research starting from scratch?
  • Why St. Clair station and not Bloor?

Did Ruprecht show up at the DIG IN meeting?

Did anyone go to this meeting? Did Ruprecht show up? Did he have anything interesting to say?


Yes he showed up and stayed for about an hour or so. Lots of pointed questions, very few satisfactory answers. For those who were there, here is the link to Tony's "questions" to Gerretsen in the Legislature Dec. 3, 2009.


As far as I can tell Tony's efforts to stick up for the people of this riding are as follows:

- One letter written May 11, 2009.
- Sponsoring of two press conferences for the "Clean Air People" which entails making two phone calls.

All that in 8 months. From last nights meeting I have the distinct impression we are going to see more of the same. It was evident at the meeting that he barely has an elementary grasp of the issue. You think he could have done a bit of research over the past 8 months, or got someone on his staff to do it. But what should we expect for $115,000 a year (not including expenses and benefits)? What does he DO all day?

Ruprecht Video a PR stunt

Considering the video is posted by Liberals and has the comments diabled its pretty clear that this video is just a cheap stunt so Tony can say he "raised the issue". Pretty poor effort and an insult to residents.

Nothing Wrong With PR Stunts

As someone who has engaged in more than a few "cheap" PR stunts, I have to defend the practice. The real issue here is that Tony Ruprecht is invisible on the issue of the planned massive expansion of diesel train service along the Georgetown rail corridor.

He is trying to have it both ways. He claims to support electric trains, but would be satisfied if the airport link was made electric by 2015. How can he be a member of the provincial government while claiming to be against a major policy initiative? He can't. If he were truly against the expansion of diesel trains he would leave the government and sit as an independent (which he calls a silly idea). The man is only interested in the status of being an MPP and the fat cheque that comes with it.


He also showed up at the meeting with some "information" that included his 8 month old letter from May 11. You think he could have tweaked it a bit. Not only is he a coward on the issue he is also LAZY. During the meeting he often asked residents to "send him info" and "get in touch with me" ... shouldn't he be doing that for us? He treated the constituents like they were his staff - then he has the gall to say "lets work together on this". A transparent strategy to shift responsibility from himself and onto others. Total crap.

Ruprechts Deisel

An excellent opportunity to talk to our MIA MPP about why he didnt have the guts to show up at the Human Train March and support clean air for our community.


I'd love to hear his thoughts on HST:

Does he personally oppose it?
Has he expressed any concern over it with his party?
and what are his fears regarding voter backlash when HST is in place?

I won't beat around bush here. I'm thinking our ward/riding will be effected in some way or another (census eludes to the social demographics). I wonder how popular the ruling party will be come July 1st, 2010.