Big Boozy Rumour (LCBO @ Dundas/Bloor)

I bumped into a friend tonight at Loblaws who told me something really interesting. Apparently the construction happening on the west side of the strip mall next to the Zellers at Bloor and Dundas is for a new a liquor store! Has anyone else heard that rumour?

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September 21 2015 (7;31pm)

Ok, you can reach me at Google Plus under Michelle Shelly Eckert Mikiver, on the following URL find the comments, click on the picture of the beautiful girl in the beige with the tank top, on the post stating ... what good is a calendar ...

Wanted man ... again he is still wanted... left him at a grocery store ... he drove in the direction of my building ?

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June 30 2015 (5:36pm)

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June 30 2015 (5:39pm)

Sorry wrong person

Wanted man: Met you at the Loblaws

June 17 2015 (8:23pm)

Looking for a man we met at the Loblaws at Bloor and Dundas West in the month of May 2015 and before, he speaks German, and got in a check out line and left,

Need to speak to you

Coffee and drugs and booze, OH MY!

I am still struggling to wrap my head around the comments being made on this thread regarding the connection between the apparent drug haven of a coffee shop and an LCBO....last time I checked, drug deals are not exactly confined to the Dundas/Ronces strip and in regards to the "so many kids nearby" attitude...well I do believe that Humberside CI, Western Tech, Annette PS, St.Cecelia Cath , Runnymede CI, and Swansea PS are all a stones throw from LCBO god we ought to call the cops and shut it down!!!!!

Better Scotch for Now People

Finally no more Gonorrhea Mall LCBO where they have nothing but schnapps and very little Scotch.


Woo hoo! I hear they will have a good vintages sections.


...but will they have screech?




I was just by the LCBO at the Loblaws/ Zellers plaza and there is a sign in the window saying Grand Opening July 19th.

Booze Purveyor Opening July 22

For everyone who has been anticipating the opening of the LCBO next to Zellers, a construction guy told me that the store is scheduled to open on Thursday, July 22. Construction is expected to finish by the end of the month and then it apparently takes a few weeks to stock the store.

We should concentrate on the biggest killers first

The number one cause of childhood death in Ontario for children aged 7-19 is motor vehicles:
(Figure 2)

Same thing in the United States:

This does not even take into account the number of deaths caused by air pollution in our city, much of which is the direct result of motor vehicle exhaust: "A 2004 study conducted by Toronto Public Health estimated that about 1,700 premature deaths each year in Toronto are attributable to acute and chronic exposures to five common air pollutants."

As a neighbourhood, and society in general, we would fare better ridding ourselves of our biggest killers first. How about we fight against the automotive-supporting industries in that plaza and elsewhere in our neighbourhood first? Having these types of industries anywhere near schools should be an outrage. Let's get rid of them first, then we could walk to the LCBO without choking on exhaust or worrying about getting schmucked by a motor vehicle. :)

not a rumour

oh , by the way kevin from what we have heard its not a rumor,

btw rumour is that the LLCBO was kicked out of cross-ways when their lease ended because crossways management had enough of all the drunks pan handling , lying around , and urinating in doorways etc...the smell did get quite bad ...

drug dealers

yes lots of kids near by, but also that coffee shop is a major hangout for drug dealers, some of the major drug dealers in the region do business out of that coffee shop.

so drugs and booze right next to a catholic school, its too bad.


We at Boo Radley's would like to thank everyone who dropped by last nite for our X-Mas Party. It was a great nite with fun had by all!!
From Michael & Shelley again
Thanks for your support!!

LCBO article in The Villager

The Villager / Inside Toronto had an article this week:

Good news

Great news, Kevin. Thanks for sharing.


The new location will be closer than the Ghonnerea Mall and will have a better selection (of Scotch I hope). I do wonder though what will happen to traffic on Dundas at the turnin to the parking lot. Its already a bit of a jam there including walkers scurrying across. I have wondered for a long time why they don't have a set of lights (synchronized with Bloor). I missed the LCBO in the Crossways so hopefully when this site is redeveloped this store will stay.


just what the kids need

Missed the Announcement

Apparently it is more than a rumour, it appears there will be a new LCBO store next to Zellers in the Spring. Thanks to Scott D. for the blogTO story:


ye ive heard the same from a few people thats not a good place to many kids around that area

come on

not a good place because there are children in the area? you've got to be kidding. Do you have kids? If so do you or will you continue to whip their asses all their lives? Bring on the liquor store. I need my Remy Martin!

Ban Everything : )

Tina, I thought that a funny comment too. Last time I checked children are every where, even in our homes. Better ban everything just in case.

new to this :)

Are u hitting on me, haha!

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June 30 2015 (5:35pm)

Of course: Haha ?