Metrolinx buys Barrie rail corridor

GO Train crossing Wallace Ave.GO Train crossing Wallace Ave.

According to Transit Toronto and the CBC, Metrolinx has purchased the remainder of the Newmarket Subdivision railway tracks from CN and now owns the complete corridor from Union Station to Barrie.

The Newmarket Sub is the railway track on the east side of our neighbourhood between Campbell Ave. and Lansdowne Ave. This is the track that Wallace crosses, next to the water tower (as in the photo). This track mainly serves GO Transit's commuter trains between Barrie and Union Station, as well as a few VIA and freight trains.

This is an important event for our neighbourhood. GO / Metrolinx are currently planning on expanding traffic on this rail corridor, which will involve adding at least one extra track as well as another massive grade separation project at the Davenport Diamond at the north-east corner of the Junction Triangle. Now that Metrolinx has purchased this rail corridor, they have much stronger control over how it will be developed.

GO / Metrolinx has said they will hold some community consultations about the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation project and rail expansion on this corridor sometime in the New Year. It will be extremely important for residents in our area to stay focused on this topic, as the implications may be immense and extremely long-lasting: More trains, a massive railway overpass/wall structure, a long trench/tunnel, the closing of Wallace Ave., increased diesel train traffic, and more.

Let's make sure we keep an eye on this.

Read the Transit Toronto and the CBC articles for more info.


This project has resumed in 2015, and all discussions/info can now be found here.


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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Don't worry about an overpass, tunnel or any construction in the long term. Metrolinx has promised that unicorns will safely glide people over the tracks, but until the unicorns are discovered, these temporary solutions will have to suffice.

Up Against The wall

If you get a chance to see this doc do.

As we celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall this doc shows how more walls have actually gone up (by those who were against the Berlin Wall).

It shows the damage walls (and giant overpasses) can do. I support public transit but it has to be an open consultation process; something Metrolinx doesn't practice.

Warning About Metrolinx

Remember earlier in the year when Metrolinx claimed they had never heard of the Barrie line? Thats who we are dealing with. This time our community will be ready. Stay tuned.