Fuzzy Boundaries in the News: What do you call this place?

The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming group is in the news again this week. The Town Crier has a story titled What do you call this place?. Here are a few excerpts:

Name suggestions for the area unofficially known as the Junction Triangle are flooding in ahead of a Jan. 14 meeting where community members will name their ’hood — once and for all.

“There’s something like just over 200 names now on the website and so, we’ve just been taking those suggestions on the website and responding to comments that we get,” said Kristen den Hartog, a member of Fuzzy Boundaries, one of several residents groups dedicated to naming the area.

“I really just like hearing what people have to say and I like the idea of the community itself, deciding.”

Fuzzy Boundaries’ public meeting will be held Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. at 45 Ernest Ave.

You can read the entire article online over at the Town Crier's website.


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I think sheddan should be

I think sheddan should be included in any of the names selected for the neighbourhood in honour of it's history.