New Railpath Maps: Cariboo Ave. Entrance

New Railpath Maps: Cariboo Ave. Entrance

New maps installed at each end of the West Toronto Railpath. This one is at the north end, Cariboo Ave.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-01-19.


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Article: What's Next for Railpath

What’s Next for Railpath (Article in Torontoist about expansion south)

I copied a couple of worrying phrases below
from article: “He (Perks) says that the agency (Metrolinx) is “redoing bridges and when asked to accommodate extra width, gave a flat no.” Perks believes money played a role in their decision.”

from article: “Metrolinx, the Ontario government’s transportation agency, concurs. “GO Transit will accommodate the bike path where possible; however, there are a few pinch points where there is simply not enough room to accommodate the bike path within the rail corridor,” spokesperson Malon Edwards tells us in an email.”

(To clarify - GO & Metrolinx are the same agency)

Railpath Under Study

This article presented a somewhat negative view of where things are at without providing much specifics. Not a well researched story and it listed the wrong study.

From a political point of view there has never been more support for Railpath 2 than now. Even Rob Ford supports it and moved it to his priorities list on his new bike plan.Obviously Perks and Bailao are 100% on board as is pretty much everybody else.

Metrolinx has met with Friends of Railpath and with the Councillors and with the Bike Staff on many occasions. There is a feasibility study specific to Railpath starting which will be done next year and that will inform what we would like Railpath to be. Metrolinx also has some homework to do in terms of grade drawings etc. Metrolinx has said they will help where they can and so far they have.Will there be issues? Yes, any project like this will have things that need to be overcome but at this point there is more positive than negative and if some issues can be resolved next year then Railpath 2 could start in 2015.

I am just saying that there is a lot of stuff going on quietly and there is a lot of support for it. Lets accurately identify what the issues and needs are before we start calling people out or getting worried. I should add that one fact has been determined some time ago, and that is that there is no way for Railpath to get to downtown or to Strachan within the rail corridor. Thats a Fact. But so too is that the Fort York Bridge looks to be on again and so does a bridge further west so one opportunity closes and 2 open up.