great boost for our neighbourhood UBISOFT is coming.

Have you seen this footage of the new UBISOFT Toronto head office? Love it. Look our very own fuzzy boundaries mural, and water tower in the background.

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National Post on Ubisoft

Ubisoft hopes to replicate Montreal success in Toronto

That's a great article - Ubisoft rocks

This really looks great for the neighbourhood - and actually met one of the new employees who moved from Vancouver recently - nice guy, nice family, and they seem to be community minded people too!


Shelley & Michael wanted to send a heartfelt thankyou to all of you who took the time to drop by Boo Radley's 3rd Anniversary Party Sat. nite. It was wildly successful and hopefully everyone had a chance to sample Oyster Boy's specialty!
Taking a chance and opening in an untapped area has been a wonderful struggle that has seen us operate at both ends of the spectrum, dead slow (then) and smokin' busy (now).
Thanks for supporting us at Boo's.
See ya soon!


Yes, the Ubisoft facility will be an ENORMOUS boost to the neighbourhood! Not only is the company obligated to create several hundred jobs, the spin-off sattilite business' will also bring increased numbers to our "Triangle". As a small business owner we welcome the increased client base. We also understand that changes of this magnitude put an added strain on area services such as traffic and parking. Thses are exciting times to be living and working in an area with so much untapped potential!

Centinennial College Leaving

Centinennial College is leaving the neighbourhood and vacating their location on Wallace Avenue at the end of June. Plans for the College's first satellite location with a media innovation centre at the Wallace Studios has not worked out. No new facilities were built here and no classes were ever offered. The Wallace studio has simply continued to operate over the past three years as a rental location. One of the existing tenants, a lighting company, will continue to manage the studios and nothing is expected to change other than the sign.

Was Too Far Away

I was speaking at Centennial and the students there did not seem too keen on the Wallace facility as it was way too far from their campus, teachers, and friends on Pape.

Building On Conviction: Inside Ubisoft Toronto

Gamasutra, a website about the gaming industry, has a really extensive article about the Ubisoft article opening up on Wallace Ave. I haven't actually read the whole thing myself yet (not really interested in the gaming details) but it's interesting to skim through to get an idea of what's going in to this place and the type of stuff they're working on.

You can read the article here:

Playback Magazine, for the

Playback Magazine, for the broadcast industry, also has an extensive article about the facilities they are building if you can find it. Bottom line, a big deal.