Clean Train Student Coalition calls for student action

The following press release was sent by the Clean Train Student Coalition.

Clean Train Student Coalition
3199 Lakeshore Blvd. W.
Toronto, Ontario
M8V 1K8

Attention: News Editor

Caterina Ventrella
Media Relations Officer

April 9, 2010


TORONTO – The Clean Train Student Coalition is seeking support from students and student groups in the Greater Toronto Area to electrify the proposed diesel train expansion in Toronto. The CTSC is asking people to sign the petition at to protest the use of diesel-powered locomotives in the project.

"Diesel is bad for the environment and our health. Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health has publicly stated his concerns about the use of diesel locomotion,” said Michael Thomson, chair of the CTSC. “Toronto should be a leader, not a laggard in providing clean, world-class public transportation. We should be electrifying the GO Train now.”

The CTSC supports the City of Toronto’s call for accelerating the electrification of the Union-Pearson Rail Link, also known as Blue 22. Blue 22 is the proposed diesel rail service that would run from Union Station to Pearson International Airport. The 250, 000 people who live within half a kilometer of this line will be most affected. An estimated 200 to 400 diesel trains are expected to pass daily through neighborhoods such as Parkdale, Liberty Village, the Junction, High Park and Weston once the rail expansion has been completed.

“Students should come together and fight for a sustainable and clean transportation system,” said Jennifer Schultz, chair of coalition building, CTSC. “We are in favour of the planned expansion of the rail corridor, but want to see the locomotives be electrically-powered. Current government plans call for diesel power to be used.”

The CTSC was formed by public relations post-graduate students at Humber College in support of the Clean Train Coalition (, a broadly-based community group representing the interests of citizens living along the train corridor which runs from Union Station to Georgetown, Ont. The CTSC’s goal is to increase awareness of this issue, collect petition signatures and draw attention to upcoming information meetings. Connect with the CTSC on Facebook and Twitter at

The CTSC will hold a public information meeting on the University of Toronto campus April 14, 2010. See for more information.


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No stop at Bloor?!

Just back from the panel tonight at U of T. I won't go into a lot of detail but Gary McNeil made a presentation via powerpoint and one of his slides talked about an Air/Rail link stop in Weston but there was no mention of one at Bloor/Dundas West. This is not confirmed of course but it doesn't look good. I will try and get some confirmation in the coming days.

Airport Link at Bloor Station

Hey Jeff, good thing you were able to attend the meeting last night. Have you received any additional info from Metrolinx about the Bloor stop today? Given all of their talk about making Bloor a "mobility hub" and connecting the train station to the subway, no airport train stop at Bloor Station just doesn't make sense (like much of their plan).

I got confirmation today from

I got confirmation today from Metrolinx in writing that Airport link trains will stop at Bloor. I got worried last night when there was no note in the PowerPoint nor any verbal mention - and we know Metrolinx's history on going back on their word when it comes to stations and the Airport!

Airport LInk will be 407 For Profit

"GO Transit currently stops at Bloor/Dundas Station and will continue to do so in the future. The airport rail shuttle will also stop at this station.

I wanted to add that both GO and the airport shuttle will also stop at Weston Station.

I hope this clarifies any confusion that people may have on the matter.


Stephen Lipkus, P.Eng. GO"

I would remind you that the airport link will NOT be run by GO but instead run by SNC Lavlin renting a line from GO (paid by us) and therefore be a for profit 407 style service not accountable to the public. Wondering why GO isnt doing the service since it has a line past the airport already? Join the club.

That's right, and GO/Mx

That's right, and GO/Mx believes it should be running the service. This all goes back to a deal the Liberal Feds made in 2003 that nobody wants to talk about because so few know the details. That's the way public/private partnerships work - it enables a wall of secrecy to be erected and defended by legislation. Public Partner Pays - Private Partner Profits - it's a P6!