Metrolinx drops West Diamond appeal

The Toronto Star is reporting:

In a major victory for Toronto’s Junction community, Metrolinx has agreed to drop its appeal of a decision that limits the amount of noise it can make in the west-end neighbourhood.

The decision not to appeal ends months of tension around the nerve-jangling noise and vibration of pile-driving on the rail crossing known as the Toronto West Diamond near Dundas St. W. and Dupont.

In December, the CTA ordered GO to limit work hours and use quieter methods at the rail crossing. GO had already implemented quieter technology and shrouds over the pile drivers to try to reduce the noise.

Although this will delay the West Toronto Diamond grade separation project a little, it will provide the residents of the area around the diamond with some much-needed peace and quiet after the many months of pile-driving they have had to put up with.

Read the complete article over at The Star's website.

Thanks to the Junctioneer for pointing this out.


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Metrolinx Arrogance

This entire story is one of arrogance. How they thought that a massive pounding day after day would somehow be acceptable is beyond comprehension. I wish it could be chalked up to stupidity but any sane person can only came to one conclusion: arrogance. In my moind it still remains to be seen if people will be compensated for the damage to their homes and lives.

It certainly calls into question every other assertion or promise that Metrolinx has made about electrification, pollution, short and long term health effects, and its' relationship with SNC Lavlin (who will own the FOR PROFIT 407-style airport link).

The fact that Metrolinx even considered appealing should give every JT resident pause to take a second look at Metrolinx has in store for us over the next generation.

It's a Miracle

It's a real concession to humanity and a miracle that a group of people could get together and affect some change at Metrolinx. Must be some credit to go around? I hope others will name names because clearly there are people who won't be cowed easily by spin or legal action.