Ride for Heart

Is anyone else in the area planning to go on the Ride for Heart up the DVP this year?

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Out this year

Hey guys,

I've done it 3 times in the past. Last year I did the 75KM for the 1st time. Amazing views of the city (bring a camera if you want). Should be warmer this year then last, thats for sure.

Can't partake this year unfortunately, have a baby on the way and too much work to do.

I will be definitely riding next year. For me the start and finish is my house (literally).

Anyhow, good luck to everyone riding. Have fun, and be safe.

Word of advice ease up on the DVP access ramp (brutal wipeouts there).


Thinking about it

Thinking about it, but it might be a bit of a last-minute decision for me. It's a nice ride down to the starting area from here, especially early in the morning! :)