Bloor Improvement Group AGM

The following meeting announcement comes from the Bloor Improvement Group (BIG) chair, Donna Cowan:

YOU ARE INVITED to attend the Bloor Improvment Group (BIG) Annual General Meeting

BIG will be reporting on activities of the last year, seeking input on future plans, and electing new board members.

Bloor Improvement Group (BIG) Annual General Meeting
June 9, 2010
Working Women, 533C Gladstone Ave
6:30pm - 8:30pm

BIG is a volunteer-run community organization comprised of your neighbours, local business owners, social service agencies, associations and Business Improvement Area groups.

Please come out! Consider joining the board and playing a role in local community development!

There are many volunteer positions available. Perhaps you are interested in being part of the Communications Committee? Are you interested in helping out with the maintenance and design of the website? Are you interested in becoming a Board member? Are you interested in being part of the next BIG on Bloor Street Festival?

YOU are key to making BIG a continued success!

Please contact Donna Cowan by email if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering.

If you are interested in being a Board Member please forward a brief resume and short bio to Donna Cowan prior to June 7th.

Donna Cowan
Chair, BIG


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Call for Volunters

BIG ON Bloor - Call for Volunteers

The heart of what makes our community such a friendly place is the countless volunteers and volunteer hours that make our neighbourhoods so vibrant and vital. Where would our schools, places of worship, parks, playgrounds, cultural, community and political organizations be without the countless hours freely given by our neighbours.

BIG Festival is one of those organizations. Nine years ago, more than 60 neighbourhood organizations, business, and individuals set out to bring a positive experience to our neighbourhood. Last year more than 140 volunteers put in approximately 4000 hours over six months to make this event possible for our community. Reflecting the spirit of our community, at its heart the BIG Festival is a volunteer organization.

Join BIG’s Festival Team, whether you are a student looking for community hours, just moved into the neighbourhood and want to meet your neighbours, or a family looking for a great joint activity. You can sign in at the link below. Let’s join together and help make the festival this year even more memorable than last.

The festival takes place in Bloordale, on Bloor Street between Dufferin and Lansdowne, this year, on August 22 and 23.

Next BIG meetings: Wednesday July 8, 7 pm, and Wednesday August 8, 7pm, at New Horizons Tower, 1140 Bloor St W.


Organized stalking group in your area

There are a lot of people involve in organized stalking in your area, targeting certain people and stalking them for years, if you know this is going on bring attention to it with articles or a lot of people could get hurt or killed, we have had enough!

"organized stalking" ? What

"organized stalking" ? What are you talking about?


That's a pretty broad and general accusation. If there's something like this happening, I hope you're dealing with the police. If there's anything that should be made public, you need to share specific details.