Gap Lends Helping Hand at Junction Triangle Boys and Girls Club

The following announcement comes from the Junction Triangle Boys and Girls Club. You can download a PDF version of the announcement here.


GAP Inc Joins the Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club in Renovating our new site for the Junction Triangle Boys & Girls Club

Junction Triangle Boys & Girls Club Renovations at 45 Ernest Ave

Toronto- June 3rd 2010: The Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club is proud to announce that Gap Inc will be joining the Club in renovating our new Junction Triangle Boys & Girls Club on June 3rd, 2010 from 9am-4pm.

Over 40 employees from Gap Inc will be coming to the new Club at 45 Ernest and assisting us in renovating the new space that will be the new permanent home for the Junction Triangle Boys & Girls Club at 45 Ernest Ave, Toronto, ON. Gap is one of the Club’s biggest supporters and we are extremely proud that they have come on-board as a partner in completing this project.

The new location at 45 Ernest Avenue is a 7,000 sq foot building, which is currently being renovated. The new location will open up an additional 120 spaces for community youth to attend a safe and positive after school and day camp program. The Club has been appealing to corporations and individuals to donate building materials and labour to complete the renovations as a community “Barn Raiser” and is proud to announce Gap as a new partner.

We invite the media to join us on June 3rd between 9am-4pm to see the Gap team in action as they spend all day working tirelessly in making the Junction community a better place to live.

The Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club is a non-profit organization that creates a safe, supportive, environment where children and youth experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence skills for life. Since it opened its doors the club has seen over 30,000 children walk through its doors. The club continues along the same traditions that took place 50 years ago.

For more information please contact: Dovercourt Boys’ and Girls’- Justin Hanna at 416-536-4102 or


Justin Hanna, operations manager of the Boys & Girls Club, sent the following message and photos. Sounds like this activity was a great success, and it will certainly be exciting to see this new location open up when it's ready!

"Yesterday was a great day and thank you for putting it up on the website, its much appreciated.

I have to say the Gap was sensational they donated tons of paint and materials, and we had about 40 volunteers throughout the day, they started around 9am and ended near 7pm.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you, and feel free to use them for the site."


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Nice work at the B&G Club

Great to see all this effort and energy being spent at the Boys & Girls Club. This new space will be fantastic when it opens.