Ward 18 Candidates Debate

The following meeting announcement was passed on to us by the organizers. You can download a copy of the flyer here (395KB PDF file).

June 23



This October we will elect a new councillor to represent our Ward at City Hall. Join us on June 23 to meet the candidates and to hear their perspectives on three key issues facing our community: transportation, development, and the relationship between constituents and our elected representatives.

Date: Wednesday, June 23

Time: 7:00pm (sharp) to 9:00pm (mix and mingle at 6:30)

Location: St. Anne’s Parish Hall, 615 Dufferin Street (east side, north of Dundas)


EMAIL: ward18debate@gmail.com

2010-06-23_Ward18CandidatesDebate.pdf394.77 KB


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Good debate

Generally very well organized and run. Basically a Q&A format again, so no real "debating" going on, but it was still a good way to figure out what these candidates are up to. Overall, most candidates were slightly more polished than last time and had more to say

I'll probably post another meeting summary again, if I find the time to type it up. For a quick look, try searching for "#ward18" on twitter, and follow some of the people involved in posting there. There was plenty of live action happening during the debate. Should give you a bit of an idea of how it went. Direct link: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23Ward18

I roughly counted about 70 people at the start, and more filtered in...so maybe about 80 attendees. Packed room. Pretty good. But it was stinking hot in there!

Debate article and photos

I doubt I'll have time to do my own writeup anytime soon, so here are couple of links:

Debate tonight

Looking forward to this. Any other Junction Trianglers going?

I hope to hear some good, solid platforms from the candidates. Don't know if I'll take as many notes as last time though. :)