Metrolinx Georgetown South Project - Open House

The following meeting info comes from Metrolinx, regarding their Georgetown South Project status (GO Train expansion, and Airport Rail Link on the Georgetown corridor):

Open House - Lithuanian Hall
When : Thu, June 24, 6pm – 9pm
Where: 1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON (map)
Description: To review the project scope, current status, and learn about next steps in the design and construction phase.

More information about this project is on Metrolinx's Georgetown South Project website. Please also see the Junction Triangle Rail Committee and Clean Train Coalition websites for perspectives from local residents.


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air monitoring station

the recently installed air monitoring station is UP WIND of teh tracks.. lot of good that will do.


I thought that in general, prevailing wind was from west to east. Is it different around here?

Cynicism and Truth

Where do cynicism and truth part? With a deadline for the completion of the diesel train expansion slated in time for the Pam Am Games in 2015 and all of the necessary approvals in place, we could call this Metrolinx event part of their "Open House, Closed Mind Series."

Metrolinx Dishonest from day 1

It is important to keep a watch on Metrolinx as they have shown poor planning, confusion, and dishonesty from day one. Remember, Dalton fired all the elected representatives on the Metrolinx Board days before a report on going diesel came out of nowhere. A 100% anti-democratic cynical move; something more like Harper and not the Liberals we thought we knew.

Junction Triangle will be watching.

Community Engagement on Diesel Trains

I agree. Metrolinx didn't even make a proper effort to notify residents in the community of their plans - I have never recieved anything in the mail. I don't live that far from the tracks - just far enough that I guess by law no one really needs to notify me of what is going on.

Also, who organizes community consultations during the summer if they are really interested in community consultation? It just doesn't make sense. They have also avoided all community events and protests where they could share their thoughts and process.

Also, why study electric trains as an option after the government has already produced a report and came out in favour of diesel - what is the point? Is it just another diversion tactic? Wouldn't it make sense to study electricity and then make a decision on trains, not the other way around?

Mind boggling, that's all I can say.