Perth Ave... formerly known as Churchill St?

I moved into the neighbourhood last week and - while signing the papers for the house purchase - discovered that Perth Ave was once known as Churchill St.

Does anyone know the history behind the street name change?

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The new lane heading south of

The new lane heading south of Wallace in the 351 Wallace development will be "Elsie Lane" in honor of the original street that was there, Elsie Street. Some names do come back from the dead!

elsie lane

I love it. I think we need to revive Harold and Maude as well....


...only if we can blare Cat Stevens from the Wallace Bridge!


Hi Vic,

What a great map! Do you know if there is an advertisement for the area north of Wallace, south of Dupont?


Churchill Ave.

Hi Lynette,

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

I don't know the story behind the name change (maybe someone else does, or wants to research it?), but I thought you would be interested in seeing this map/advertisement from 1887.


1887 ad

Hi Vic -

This advertisement is so great. Where did you find it? Do you have a larger resolution file of the image? I'd like to make a print. Thanks!

Perth, Formerly Churchill Ave.

Churchill Avenue became Perth Avenue when the neighbourhood was annexed by the City of Toronto from the County of York in 1888/89 because there already was a Churchill Ave in the City and there is a policy (still existing today) that street names cannot be repeated.