Perth Avenue Junior Public School: Advisory Council Meeting

Perth Avenue Junior Public School invites you to attend a public meeting about adding grades 7/8 and French Immersion programming.

When: Monday, October 18, 2010
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Where: Perth Avenue PS Library

Child care is available.


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On behalf of the Perth P.S. SAC and as a community member, you may be aware that over the summer, a committee was formed to bring programming to Perth.
Due to taking place in the summer, the majority of the school community is not aware of what is actually happening at this stage or did not partake in this.
Curtis (Superintendent) for the school will be attending to answer any questions and Maria Rodrigues may "tentatively" attend.
It is crucial that it's voiced "once again" that the community wants a Grade 7/8 and French Immersion Program at P.S.

KENT Senior Public School is closing.

REGAL ROAD is full for FI and children are going to RAWLINSON P.S.

The parents in SK to grade 6 will have to send their children out of the community.
Children in the Junction Triangle NEED a viable alternative to continue their education with the least disruption to their daily lives.

A meeting was held on July 5th to let the trustee know that there was a need for both of these programs at Perth.
This was proposed to the Central Feasibility Community but only the FI programs is being brought forth.

This is not what the school community wants!

Pls. attend and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at

Carla Arruda
Perth P.S. Chair

Summer Public Meeting for Perth PS: summary reminder

A reminder that a summary to the July 5 public meeting with current Trustee Maria Rodrigues and former Superintendent Manon Gardner can be found here.

A history of the Pump Up Perth campaign and online discussion is available at

Please remember that the importance of both French Immersion AND grades 7/8 is to support and create a vibrant local public school in our community.