Hi everyone,

These are the following candidates running for Ward 9 Trustee.
Costa, John
Gomes, Helder
Gupta, Anil
Rodrigues, Maria
Waters, Andrew

Voting will take place on On Election day:
On: Monday, October 25, 2010.
From: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
At: St. Luigi Catholic School, 2 Ruskin Avenue, Gym, 1st floor

I have contacted each one of them personally on behalf of the SAC for P.S. and am awaiting to hear what they have to offer and will post accordingly.
It is crucial that we have someone whom will represent the school community strongly and properly.

For more information on your candidates go to

Carla Arruda

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Election Epilogue

I just wanted to say a big thanks to folks in the Junction Triangle who've passed along their support during the election campaign, including Carla and Philip. I thought I'd just share some end-of-campaign thoughts and pass along my thanks.

For the past seven weeks I’ve been visiting (almost every) neighbourhood in Davenport from Eglinton to Queen Street. I’m thankful for the support and I appreciate the encouragement. It’s been a lonely journey at times, but the support keeps me going. We live in such a great part of Toronto, and your corner of Davenport has such a strong spirit. I think what I’ll miss most about the campaign is walking south from the early morning stillness of Ward 17 and into Ward 18 with the sound of a passing train never too far away. I took my last early morning campaign journey from North Davenport into South Davenport this (gloomy) Sunday morning. I'm amazed at how much of my past is connected to Davenport's neighbourhoods. On my trips I always pass my old elementary school, Hughes Public School (no longer a school). I have fond memories of Thanksgiving lunches all of us would have in the main hallway and Christmas plays on the steps of the foyer. I also pass Earlscourt Park and Joseph J. Piccinini Community Centre where I learned to skate and swim. Plus I remember all the shopping trips I've been dragged to, from Dufferin Mall and Galleria Mall to the shops along St. Clair, Dundas and College! I remember walking along Dundas as a kid and seeing the towers of the downtown core on the horizon, imagining and hoping about the possibilities ahead (even though, given my background, most folks thought I should keep my goals modest).

Remember to vote tomorrow!

Take care.

Classy Guy John - Thanks

You added to the quality of the election already by running a good campaign. Thanks for putting yourself out there and good luck tomorrow.


to carla and to ken for reaching out to the candidates.

so...Anil Gupta is not

so...Anil Gupta is not running for trustee, but trying to solicit for business? okay..uhm..good to know.

About Anil Gupta

I emailed all the school trustees asking why I should vote for them. Anil Gupta replies:
Hi Ken!

Today I went to a Councillors debate in ward 17 at Davenport. I am a Mortgage Brokers Agent and arrange Finances for residential and Commercial properties.
Also I am a Realestate Sales Person. I was running around for few weeks and was loosing my grip in the profession I am good at. I am not doing anything for Public School Trustee but my name will be on Ballot form. I want to focus what I am good at.

If you have any client for Mortgage financing / or Realestate either buying or Selling - your referral will be greatly appreciated.

I am very honest person and I can not lie. If I make any verbal promise I always like it keep it up. Whereas Politician do not do that.. I get upset with politicians of all level of Government as they waste so much of Tax payers money. We are the highest Tax Payers
then any other country in the world.

I wish you good luck in your election for City Councillor.

Smitherman blew 1 Billion in E-health and there is no accountability and transparency- why. This money was our Tax dollars. Doesn't it hurts you? How would you feel when they take the piece of bread from the mouth of your children???

Sincerely yours

Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta, B.COMM, AMP
Mortgage Agent Lic.# M08001606
Real Mortgage Associates Inc., Lic. # 10464
Website: www.railsmortgages.com
416-656-3573 (Home)
416-841-5853 (Cell)
416-656-6530 (Fax)

Hi. My name is John Costa and


My name is John Costa and I'm a candidate for trustee for TDSB Ward 9 (Davenport, City Wards 17 and 18). I invite you to visit my website at http://costafortrustee.wordpress.com, where I've outlined my platform and my positions on a number of issues.

If you have any questions, please contact me at costa4trustee@yahoo.ca.