Osler Street is.... gone

Well, it isn't quite gone, but there is a massive hole at Dupont/Osler. Just an FYI. I presume traffic will be back up on Dupont.

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The story-a water main burst.

The story-a water main burst. It was located 29 feet down! Contruction was suppose to wrap up (according to the contruction team on site) on Monday Nov 1. Well, it is clear that is not happening. Waiting to hear from Adam's office on what is going on.

Osler sinkhole photos

Thanks for the photo, Warren. And for adding it to the Junction Triangle group on Flickr. :)

There are a bunch of photos of The Great Osler Sinkhole of 2010 poster via Twitter:


Hope someone knows the story.

Osler Hole


Hope someone knows the story. Here is a picture.