Clean Train Demonstration at Metrolinx's offices

Join the Clean Train Demonstration at Metrolinx's offices, Tuesday November 16 at 9:00am, 20 Bay Street at Queen's Quay.

The Metrolinx Board is meeting to make recommendations to the provincial government regarding rail transit priorities. This is a crucial time for us to demonstrate to Metrolinx and the Provincial government that we are not willing to accept any increased pollution in our neighbourhods.

The Clean Train Message: Electrification of the Georgetown Corridor must be the #1 priority for Metrolinx and the Government of Ontario.

Please join us on the 16th and help promote the event. Visit to download the poster.

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Metrolinx Board Meeting - Where's Tony?

Where's Tony Ruprecht?

After the demonstration at Metrolinx, some of the demonstrators found their way up to the Metrolinx Board of Directors meeting. At first Metrolinx was only going to allow 10 of us in, but I think they gave up, since the meeting was supposed to be open to the public.
The meeting itself was quite bizarre because Metrolinx is supposed to be a public agency, which should be concerned with the full scope of public issues (i.e., creating valuable transit linkages that benefit everyone across a transit region, ensuring public transit does not come at the expense of public health, providing vision and long-term value to the public, etc.), but that didn’t seem to be the case – the Board Members were very corporate in their demeanor and speak and very focused on their narrowly defined goals, including providing better customer service for passengers travelling from bedroom communities to Toronto, and building the air-rail link in time for the PAN AM Games, etc.

We also have confirmation that the 4 million dollar electrification study that is currently being conducted by Metrolinx is a very expensive distraction for the public. The results of the study have not yet been released, and Metrolinx has already demonstrated that it has no plans to do anything immediate with the results of that study -- they are moving ahead with buying diesel trains from Japan ( Ironically, Japan is building the highest-speed electric train in the world.

Lastly, it might just be me, but is building a diesel air-rail link with taxpayers’ money, in time for the
PAN AM Games – two weeks of sporting events that the vast majority of Torontonians do not care about – one of the dumbest things ever? Add to that, the games will cost us 2.4 billion and will attract only 250,000 tourists ( Did you get those numbers?

Where did the GREEN Go ?

Also the Pan Am Games (which everybody in the know says is really being done to prove that Toronto can run an Olympics) are supposed to be the greenest ever. How is this possible with A) Diesel and B) replacing everything again 10 years later?

There is not one thing about Metrolinx that is public except that Dalton signs the checks.

Junction Triangle Residents at Today's Diesel Train Protest

There was a good crowd out for the electric train demonstration at Metrolinx offices this morning. The event will certainly get some media coverage. There were several TV crews and a reporter from the Toronto Sun. Nice to see the newly elected Councillor Ana Bailao and her main opponent in the campaign, Kevin Beaulieu out for the event! I didn't see any other politicians there standing with the neighbourhood.

I captured this short clip of the rally on my phone

Where's Tony Ruprecht?

Where's Tony Ruprecht? (Please place this phrase in front of any particular Davenport issue.)

Or in front of his office!

Or in front of his office!