Police search house on Perth

Just to let the neighbourhood folks know - police bust into a house on Perth near the school last night at around midnight. It was an open secret that the people in the house were probably selling pot or drugs (don't know what) via the back alley for years - took the cops long enough. Hopefully that will improve the neighbourhood and discourage unwanted visitors from passing through to pick up their "goods".

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Best way to inform Police

What is the best way to inform police of your suspicions? For months I have noticed alot of traffic to a house in the neighborhood that i have been told by nieghbors that everyone knows is seeling drugs. If everyone knows then why haven't the police done anyting? What sort of informaion should i be armed with?

Neighbour may suspect but they don't always tell

I find police don't always move, because the people in the neighbourhood look the other way.
The house on Perth (that started this thread) was active for a few years before the police moved in.
It looks like it's stood empty since the raid. I'd say, just call the police, tell them your suspicions, and they'll investigate from there.

Informing Police

The police have informed some neighbours to call the dispatch number (416-808-2222) at the time that you see activity going on. Give a description of the people going in and out, how many, if they are wearing backpacks (they can be carrying a weapon). A number of neighbours should do this as well. More people calling at more times brings action. The down side, however, is that they may not hold the suspect for very long so the more times the police have to come out the better, especially if the person is violating their probation orders.

Still going on

There are still a few of these houses around. With this neighbourhood changing so quickly and more families moving in I hope that this changes as well. The police can only do something when the neighbours notify them of what is going on.