Railpath bench vandalism

Any idea who to call about one of those nice benches along the railpath that has been mangled/destroyed and uprooted from the cement? Here are some photos http://flic.kr/p/92aB8T

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Torontoist Likes Tagging on Railpath

Some tagging and littering on Railpath gets a mention in Torontoist:


I like urban art and street art but frankly, tagging, the mindless leaving of one's name or tag all over the place, as if anybody cares, is an attack on the public space. I wanted to pass on the story but at the same time I hate giving any attention to these fools. They give real graffiti artists a bad rap. And a wag of the finger to Torontoist for implying that tagging and unwanted spray painting is OK as long as you clean up your cans.

Railpath bench

Could probably put in a request through the City's 311 system by submitting the request online, calling 311 or 416-392-CITY. Calling might be easiest, as there doesn't seem to be a "broken bench in a park" category online.

I saw that bench last night too. Wondering what happened...it would take some serious force to uproot that. A vehicle maybe?


Where is the bench? Near Ruskin? Did Hydro knock it over? Any way who ever knows the location you just have to call 311 and they can take the details.