Ana Bailão Comments on Transit City

This is the response that Anna is sending out regarding Transit City. Not much specifics really and the odd thng abot tracking via postal codes.

Good Evening,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me on the future of Toronto's transit plans and for your patience in awaiting a reply. Our office has received an enormous amount of correspondence on this issue and a number of technical problems were encountered in attempting to respond.

The announcement by Mayor Ford to divert attention away from the Transit City project has been a source of much discussion.

I strongly believe that any policy changes to Toronto's transit future must be discussed and approved by Council. Toronto is a diverse City and no one approach to transportation will serve all City residents. For this reason Council must consider a variety of approaches to make Toronto transit accessible for everyone.

I also strongly believe in the need for Councillors to respect their constituents and ensure that tax dollars are spent intelligently. Many aspects of the Transit City plan have had contracts tendered and large amounts of money have already been used for the plan's necessary Environmental Assessment studies. A new transit plan may result in financial penalties to leave existing construction contracts, and also require new contracts and new assessment studies - all this needs to be carefully taken into consideration during our future discussions.

I campaigned on the principles of fast, efficient and affordable public transportation. These same principles will continue to guide my decision making as transit plans are discussed. Any future transit plan that I support will have the interests of Davenport residents at its heart and will work towards an effective and global transportation vision for the City of Toronto.

Also, in order that I can continue tracking this issue closely, I invite you to please respond to this message with your address or the first 3 letters of your postal code.

Thank you again for contacting my office and please do not hesitate to do so again in the future.


Ana Bailão,
City Councillor
Ward 18


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We should have a save transit

We should have a save transit city thing. Bastards.

Transit City

I agree, Ben. Cancellation of the Eglington Crosstown line in particular would be devastatingly foolish. Of course he can change the name of it to save face politically, I wouldn't mind that.

Thanks for posting this

It's always interesting to see such mass responses, how they are written, organized, etc.

She obviously doesn't have a concrete view on the matter, too bad, fence sitters are annoying.


Anybody see Ana on CP24 this week? I missed it but Le Drew was speaking to some of the new councillors. I was just wondering what she had to say.