Toronto Public Library, Perth-Dupont Branch.

Junction Triangle Library Project

100 Day Survey

A group of local residents is working with the support of Councillor Ana Bailao to expand the Perth/Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library. As an important community resource, we want to determine what Junction Triangle residents want in their local library.

The 100 Day Survey is ten questions that will form part of a Community Report to the Toronto Public Library detailing design features and services that will meet area needs.

Junction Triangle 图书馆项目

一组当地居民正与 Ana Bailao 议员和协组办扩大 Perth/Dupont 图书馆的计画。请与 我们述说您对图书馆的要求。我们将在十一月二十二日,星期二 晚上七时正举行 公开会议,研讨设计优良的图书馆对社区的贡献与影响。我们也将在会议内向大家 介绍 Junction Triangle 居民「百日调擦」项目。

日期:十一月二十二日,星期二 时间:晚上七时正 地点: St Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, 110 Franklin Ave

• 由 《Toronto Star》 专栏作家兼《King West》杂志主编 Karen Von Hahn 呈献
• 设计镶板及近期多伦多图书馆项目相片
• Perth/Dupont 分馆存档相片
• 「问答时间」

上图:1982 年;原本由 Homonylo 家庭开设的木工车间 (他们居住在二楼), 改变成为目前的多伦 多图书馆之 Perth/Dupont 分馆。

Expansão da Biblioteca Perth/Dupont

Um grupo se moradores locais estão a trabalhar em conjunto com a Vereadora Ana Bailão para expandir a Biblioteca Perth/Dupont. Queremos saber o que quer da sua Biblioteca. Um Questionário de 100 Dias dos moradores da Junction Triangle irá ter início com uma reunião pública sobre o impacto das bibliotecas e o seu desenho.

Terça-feira dia 22 de Novembro pelas 19:00 horas
Na Igreja St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Church
na 110 da Franklin Avenue

Apresentação pelo jornalista do Toronto Star e ditor da revista King West, a senhora Karen Von Hahn.

Perth/Dupont Library Expansion Meeting

Perth/Dupont Library Expansion Project

A group of local residents is working with the support of Councillor Ana Bailao to expand the Perth/Dupont library. Tell Us What You Want. A 100 Day Survey of Junction Triangle residents begins with a Public Meeting about the impact of libraries and good design on their neighbourhoods.

Tuesday, November 22 - 7 pm
St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church
110 Franklin Avenue

Keynote Presentation by Toronto Star columnist and Editor-in-chief of King West magazine Karen Von Hahn

Halloween Card Making Workshop

Annette sent the following event announcement:

Come and join me to Create a Halloween card & gift item Learn paper crafting & stamping techniques
Tuesday, September 27, 2010
From 6:30 – 8:00 PM
1589 Dupont St (upstairs)
Contact for Registration:

Junction Triangle Library Expansion Committee Meeting

Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 1 p.m.

Second Floor Meeting Room, Perth/Dupont Library at 1589 Dupont Street

Following the recent public meeting, the Junction Triangle Library Expansion Committee will form a working group to organize the community consultation process and fundraising initiative. The meeting is open to anyone who would like to work on the campaign. If you would like to join us, drop us a line at

Torontoist: A Spotter's Guide to Endangered Library Branches

Today, Torontoist has published A Spotter's Guide to Endangered Library Branches, highlighting some of the Toronto Public Library branches that are in danger of being cut by City Council. The first branch they feature is our very own Perth/Dupont Branch.

A few quotes from the article:

On page 152 of KPMG's core service review report—which identifies City services that could be cut or reduced for cost savings—is a column marked "Key Opportunities" that contains a single bullet point. "Some library branches could be closed," it says.

Specific proposals for cuts are still a long way off. Thursday night's (and Friday morning's) marathon executive committee meeting was only the prelude to a longer fight that will culminate next year, when it comes time to approve 2012's budget. But if library branches are to be closed, it seems likely that the most vulnerable ones will be those that do the least business.

Junction Triangle Library Services

The following notice comes from one of the meeting organizers:

The Perth/Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library is popular spot in the Junction Triangle. Demand for its services has more than doubled since opening in 1977, and with the neighbourhood thriving, it will surely continue to grow. This bustling branch is one of the smallest in the Toronto Public Library system at 3600 square feet spread over three floors. With just a handful of reading spaces and computer workstations, the library struggles to accommodate groups in the tiny, second-floor meeting room. There is no elevator and washrooms are in the basement.

How can library services in the Junction Triangle be expanded in the current environment of fiscal restraint at City Hall? Is it possible to renovate or build a new library? Councillor Bailao supports the idea of matching contributions raised by the community with City money using Section 37 funds (i.e., fees paid by property developers for zoning allowances on building projects).

Our neighbourhood is undergoing a significant amount of development and the opportunity to obtain Section 37 funds for public projects like libraries now exists in the Junction Triangle. With the active support of the Councillor, a group of local residents is forming a committee to expand library services at the Perth/Dupont branch.

If you are interested in helping a great library grow, you are invited to the first meeting of the Junction Triangle Library Expansion Committee on Tuesday, August 16 at 7 p.m. in the Perth/Dupont Library (second floor meeting room) at 1589 Dupont Street.

"Organic Learning" Info Session at Perth-Dupont Library

A flyer passed on to us from Carmen at the Perth-Dupont Library. Click the flyer to download the original PDF version.

Christmas Card Making Workshop at Perth/Dupont Library

Christmas Card Making Workshop
Perth/Dupont Public Library
1589 Dupont St. (Upstairs)
Tuesday November 23, 2010
6:30 - 8:15 PM
Please register by e-mailing Annette:

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