Successful Cleanup day

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to help clean up Campbell Park, Erwin Krickhahn Park, and several nearby streets. Approximately twelve of us came out, including local residents, several children, and even City Councillor Adam Giambrone.

At Campbell Park we cleaned out the ice rink benches, playground areas, sports field, and all along the fence line. We collected about 10 garbage bags full of litter, recycling, broken glass, and other debris. Once we finished there, several of us continued down Campbell Ave. and Rankin Cres. towards Erwin Krickhahn Park cleaning up litter along the way. There was a particularly bad dumping ground at the eastern end of Paton Rd. by the railway tracks, but we collected it together for the City to pick up.

It was a great day to be out, and we even have a few sunburns among us after a long afternoon in the sun. But I think these areas now look much cleaner, and there's less glass all over the place for people and dogs to cut themselves on.

You can find more photos of our cleanup efforts in the photo gallery.

After all this effort, I hope we can keep the parks and streets cleaner throughout the year. Here are some suggestions:

  • Always throw your own litter into the proper garbage cans and recycling containers, or carry it home if there's no container nearby.
  • If you see any litter around, clean it up. If we all clean up the areas in front of our own houses and garages, litter would not accumulate so quickly.
  • Make sure you secure your own garbage and recycling when putting it outside so it doesn't blow around in the wind.


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South Perth / Sterling cleanup

That's great. I heard you tackled a huge job in your area, and cleaned up more than just the usual litter!

The Spring Cleanup a prelude to October 4th Fall Cleanup

I want to thank all of the residents and friends who showed up to help with the South Perth and Sterling Road area cleanup, we made a difference and yet we know there will be more to do, so after several requests I am working on arranging a "Fall Cleanup" date for October 4th/08 ... Interested in assisting with organizing an entore community? drop me a line a