2015 Canadian Federal Election

Please use this forum for discussing local issues related to the October 19 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

Keep in mind that this website is dedicated to the Junction Triangle neighbourhood. Let's keep the discussions here focused on local issues and our Davenport candidates.

Note: I will update this forum with other information and links to candidates as the information becomes available. Feel free to add more info / links in the comments.


The official/current list of candidates is on the Elections Canada website.

Events and All Candidates Meetings:

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I voted for Andrew Cash. I

I voted for Andrew Cash. I think he is pretty cool because of his music career. But I heard in the polls that the the Liberal candidate is projected to win.

I voted for Julie Dzerowicz.

I voted for Julie Dzerowicz. Liberals have the best chance of defeating Stephen Harper and I am all for that!