Fuzzy Boundaries - Names listed on the Railpath

The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming group pulled off another fun publicity spectacle on Wednesday evening. All 180+ names that have been suggested so far were listed, in chalk, along the West Toronto Railpath between Bloor St. and Dupont St. Be sure to go for a stroll or bike ride along the Railpath soon before the weather washes the names away.

The list of suggested names is still growing, and you have until the public meeting on January 14th 2010 to submit your own name(s), and discuss the names that have been submitted so far.

The popular Toronto news and events blog, BlogTO, wrote about this Railpath event on their website today, and it is also featured in this evening's print edition of t.o. night.

Keep an eye out on Global TV News next week, as they will also be covering Fuzzy Boundaries.

More photos, as well as a video of the entire name list are shown below. Click images to view larger versions.

Direct Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51cwNrpsNkU


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Fuzzy Boundaries - On the news tonight!

There will be a segment on tonight's 6:00 Global TV News about recent Fuzzy Boundaries activities. Be sure to tune in if you can.