French Immersion starting at Perth Ave P.S. in Sept 2014

It's official - Perth Avenue Public School is starting it's own French Immersion program in Sept 2014! This is GREAT news for our community, but a little to late my family and others who had problems getting into FI this school year.

There are many people who helped make this happen but most important has been the consistent community support for a LOCAL French Immersion program! A special thanks goes to our local trustee Maria Rodrigues for supporting the needs of our community and TDSB staff who are *still* working to figure out all the details (Superintendent: Curtis Ennis; Perth Principal: Janice Robinson; Central Co-ordinating Principal: John Tancredi; Program Co-ordinator, FSL: Kirsten Johnston)

I've attached the official announcement, but for those of you who have more questions here are some un-official answers. If you have more questions, I can try and answer, but your best bet is to contact Perth Ave Public School for official and current information. If there are a lot of questions, I'll try to post updates to

Un-official Details:

  • The Early Immersion program at Perth will start in Sept 2014 with ONE SK class of students from only the local Perth catchment area.
  • There are 22 people who applied for FI this year from Perth - some of those have siblings already in FI elsewhere.
    The implementation of Full Day Kindergarten & growing FI enrolments mean there's not enough space elsewhere in the system.
  • The program will continue to grow to Grade 6 and *may* include students from an enlarged catchment area.
  • The *current* pathway is the same as Regal Road:
    Perth -> Winona Sr. PS. -> Harbord CI
    Note: the board can change the pathways in the future based on TDSB policies
  • Based on the space study provided by the TDSB on April 23, 2013 there will be space issues at Perth in the future, but it will depend greatly on enrolment levels. Any potential space issues will need to be addressed when they are identified. *I* would suggest that NOW would be a good time for the community to start asking our Trustee to find funding to support the expected growth.
  • Families with older siblings already attending FI elsewhere will be allowed to have the younger child attend the same school as the older sibling. (TDSB policy PR597:,ProceduresForms/Detail.aspx?docId...)
  • Families with siblings in FI elsewhere *may* be given the option to have the younger child attend Perth.
  • Thanks for your support & interest!

    Matt Forrest

    Previous versions of this page are available here:
    2011/12: Middle Immersion
    2013: Local Program

    PerthFI - proposal e-mail Mar26 - redacted.pdf766.59 KB
    Perth community letter re FI 24Feb2014.pdf167.15 KB
    PerthPS space projections April 23 2013 - 200dpi.pdf604.48 KB


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    Awesome, I'm in my last year

    Awesome, I'm in my last year at Harbord, I wish this happened 14 years ago haha

    Great News

    It won't be for a few years but I now know where my kids will be walking to school

    French Immersion Update?

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting on April 23. Does anyone have any updates from the meeting? Or were any conclusions or updates reached? Thank you for any info!!!