2010 Community Cleanup day

Railpath Litter Cleanup: September 2009Railpath Litter Cleanup: September 2009

On Saturday April 24th 2010 the annual Community Clean-up Day happens in neighbourhoods all across Toronto.

Past cleanup events in our neighbourhood made a positive impact (Campbell Park 2008, Perth-Sterling Autumn 2008, Perth-Sterling 2009, Railpath Autumn 2009).

Several local cleanups are being organized again this year. If you would like to organize or participate in a cleanup event on Saturday April 24th or any other day, please get in touch or post a comment below. You should also register your cleanup events with the City so that they can pick up the litter that you collect.

Here is a list of local cleanup events:

  • South Perth and Sterling Rd: Saturday April 24th and Sunday April 25th, 9:00am - 12:00 noon. Meet at south end of Sterling and Perth. Organized by the South Perth Ave. and Sterling Rd. Residents Association. Details are in the attached flyer.
  • Perth Ave.: Saturday April 24, 9:00am - 12:00 noon. Pick up bags at 177 Perth Ave. just south of Ernest. For more info, contact Kristen or Download flyer here.
  • Edwin Ave. and Alpine Ave: Saturday April 24, 10:00am - 12:00 noon. Meet at 75 Edwin Ave. For more info, email Craig or call 416-531-7333. Download flyer here.
  • Symington Ave.: Saturday April 24, 10:00am - 12:00 noon. Meet at Symington and Wallace. Groups will head north and south from there. For more info, contact Vic through this website, or download flyer here.
  • West Toronto Railpath: Saturday April 24, 1:00pm. Meet at the north end (Cariboo Ave.) entrance, and work south from there. Organized by Scott and Naomi.


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Great Turnout on Edwin for JT Clean-up Day!

Thanks to all the neighbours that turned out on Edwin this morning at 10am for the clean-up on the street and laneway. We ended up producing 13 full bags of garbage, and those big, weird, mysterious fake rocks that were down on the railpath also made their way into our garbage pile as well (mystery revealed: they were hollow, wire, molded items that must have been some kind of stage prop - now they are at the city dump!)

And with magical efficiency, the city garbage truck whizzed down Edwin, took all the garbage, and whisked off again just shortly before 12 noon. All done.

So, thanks again to everyone that came out - and take a look at Edwin now - it's spotless (at least for the time being..)


Clean up

You are lucky Craig. The garbage truck came to collect our garbage before we even had a chance to get out and clean up. At least there wasn't much garbage and I am able to throw it out with our regular garbage.

Clean Up on RailPath

Naomi and I will be doing a sweep of Railpath this Saturday as part of Clean Up Day. We will be starting at the top (Osler) at 1 pm and working our way south. Please feel free to join us. I have posted this info on the Railpath Group as well.

Railpath was Pretty Clean

The City had been by this week and things were not too bad. The main issues are the hundreds of butts EVERYWHERE and a section with a lot of broken glass along the storage facility at Dupont. We still had a few people out anyway plus some cruel man that was towing a trailer of treats but wouldn't share. I think his initials are VG.

Great Neighbourhood Clean-up Idea!

I would be willing to help co-ordinate clean-up activities around Edwin Avenue from Dupont to Ruskin - both street and alley. Perhaps if we could create a neighbourhood wide flyer for distribution, and augment it to reflect your local street and a local street leader and contact for organisation - that could be a good way to make it a whole JT community event, but also specifically oriented around the streets we live on. I could deliver the flyer to Edwin south residents, and if we could get volunteer street leaders for:
Osler north, Edwin north, Ruskin, Frankling north and south, Antler, Perth, Symington, Campbell, Wallace, etc, etc, and as a group we could do a phenomenal clean-up day - or at least increase participation. Any thoughts from interested neighbours from other streets in the neighbourhood?


I like this approach to a cleanup

Thanks Craig, that's a great idea.

If we can get a bunch of people to take responsibility for a small section of the neighbourhood, and recruit a few more volunteers / neighbours, the cleanup will cover a huge amount of the neighbourhood and individual effort would be little.

Craig on Edwin, I could take south end of Symington + my lane, Scott could organize something for Railpath....etc... tidy in no time at all.

Let's do it. Who else is in?

Plan and Organisation to JT Cleanup Day - Saturday April 24th

Glad to see the support. I suggest we write out all the area / street names we are looking for volunteers for, and people might be more inclined to think of themselves if they see their street needs someone to take the lead. How about this - who is willing for these streets and their laneways (which could be co-ordinated with other street leaders on shared laneways):

• Edwin (South) and Alpine **** Craig C.
• Edwin (North)
• Osler (to the tracks) and Cariboo
• Edith
• Hugo
• Franklin (North)
• Franklin (South)
• Perth (North)
• Perth (Dupont - Wallace)
• Perth (Wallace - Bloor)
• Perth (Bloor - Sterling)
• Sterling
• Ruttan and Merchant Lane
• Franklin (North)
• Franklin (South)
• Parkman
• Antler
• Ruskin
• Macauley
• Wallace (Railpath – Symington)
• Wallace (Symington – Eastern tracks)
• Symington (Northern tracks – Wallace)
• Symington (Wallace - Bloor) **** Vic
• Campbell (North end – Wallace)
• Campbell (Wallace - Rankin) and Sarnia
• Ernest
• Randolph
• Pear Tree and Dekoven Mews
• Rankin
• Paton
• Railpath **** Scott

The city will provide garbage bags and gloves, and a JT organising comittee can look to provide a flyer template for volunteer leaders to distribute to your street and area. With a co-ordinated effort like this - it is likely we can make both an event for the Junction Triangle community to participate in, and a great cleanup result in the end. No doubt, this would be a fantastic day for both kids and adults so we can see the greater value of keeping our neighbourhood streets and laneways cleaner, safer, and a more welcome place for us all to be.

Who else would like to be a part of this, either as a street leader or as a participant?
- Craig C.

PS - If I have left any other streets in the JT neighbourhood out by mistake, please say so!

clean up

Hi there
I can take the lead on Symington - Wallace to Dupont - and west laneway. Would need to do it in the morning, though.
Great initiative.


Thanks for joining up! We have some emails going around - contact me at craigcharnock@hotmail.com and I can send you more details, and get you on our list.
Thanks again.

Clean Up Day

I was wondering if the areas that are listed are too large. Maybe they should be broken down into smaller sections since we are also doing the laneways. That way we would have more leaders and smaller group would feel too burdened.

Leader numbers vs. Number of Streets

Fair enough. With the current outline, we need about 31 leaders. If we can get more volunteers than that, then I would definately suggest smaller groups. The more volunteers we get, the more feasible it is - and there has been great interest already!

Can we count you in for the day as a leader for your street, or half street? Just means you will be a point person on that day, with handing out some garbage bags, having some fun, meeting some neighbours, and doing as much cleanup as you feel comfortable. Really, we're making the rules up as we go - wanna be a part of it?

More information

This link was provided above, but was a bit burried in the text. This link will give you more information as to how the city is supporting this event accross the GTA (in terms of bags, gloves, pick up locations, and flyers to use to bring our neighbours out!


That would be a good day for

That would be a good day for a Railpath cleanup too.