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I have resisted Twitter for a long time (besides reading a few peoples' posts), but I have decided to start using this online service.

I probably will not post much to Twitter directly, but will have posts from this site automatically sent out to Twitter. If all goes well, this post will be the first one to be automatically posted.

You can find the Junction Triangle on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/jtriangle

For anyone else using Twitter, how about using the #jtriangle hash tag when referring to items in our neighbourhood?

Yasi's Place: Kid-Friendly Restaurant

On Friday, the Globe and Mail posted an article about Kid-friendly restaurants in Toronto. One of our local favourites, Yasi's Place at Wallace and Campbell, received the top honour complete with a Five Happy Face rating. The full article is online (though with an annoying page viewer), and here's the text for the specific Yasi's Place review:

(299 Wallace Ave.)

Tucked away on a residential street in the up-and-coming Bloor and Lansdowne area, Yasi’s has become a favourite for neighbourhood parents and kids thanks to the quality menu, smoothies and patience of staff. It’s a go-to spot for anyone who wants a great lunch or brunch withor without kids in tow.

Kicking and screaming:
Owner Yasemin Zorlutuna takes everything in stride, including kids crawling around on the floor and banquettes. Note: Ms. Zorlutuna insists there is rarely such a thing as a misbehaved child, only misbehaved parents.

Kiddy classics:
Crowd-pleasers include grilled-cheese sandwiches, “silly sticks” (French toast), and something called a “hungry monkey.” All meat comes from Vince Gasparro’s Quality Meats and other ingredients are local and organic when possible, while bread is from Ace Bakery.

Most notable adult item:
The burger, made from scratch with organic beef, is considered one of the best in the city. They also serve a two-person Turkish brunch Saturday through Monday, along with standard brunch offerings.

Take Picture Don't Steal

This photo is a screenshot from Matt Greenwood's Take Picture Don't Steal website. After finding a disposable camera in the cupboard above his fridge, Matt decided to hang cameras in various locations around the city, encouraging people to take photos. These photos are then posted on the website.

Our neighbourhood was represented in this project when Matt placed a camera on the Railpath under the Wallace Ave. bridge. The photos that were taken are fantastic. You should definitely check them out, and see if you know anyone in them! I only recognized one person.

Many other parts of the west end of the city are online too: Kensington Market, Trinity Bellwoods Park, The Junction, and more. Matt was out hanging up more cameras today as well.

There's also an interview with Matt on the 5 Blocks Out blog.


Fuzzy Boundaries - Names listed on the Railpath

The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming group pulled off another fun publicity spectacle on Wednesday evening. All 180+ names that have been suggested so far were listed, in chalk, along the West Toronto Railpath between Bloor St. and Dupont St. Be sure to go for a stroll or bike ride along the Railpath soon before the weather washes the names away.

The list of suggested names is still growing, and you have until the public meeting on January 14th 2010 to submit your own name(s), and discuss the names that have been submitted so far.

The popular Toronto news and events blog, BlogTO, wrote about this Railpath event on their website today, and it is also featured in this evening's print edition of t.o. night.

Keep an eye out on Global TV News next week, as they will also be covering Fuzzy Boundaries.

More photos, as well as a video of the entire name list are shown below. Click images to view larger versions.

Pumpkin Lighting in Carlton Park

This event poster was recently sent in by a blog reader. What a great idea for an event, and a wonderful way to get rid of our post-Halloween pumpkins. You can download a PDF copy of the poster to send to friends too.

4th Annual Pumpkin Lighting in Carlton Park

PLEASE JOIN US for our annual Pumpkin Lighting in Carlton Park (on Edith Avenue) on Sunday, November 1st, 2009, starting at 6:30 p.m. and continuing to midnight.

DIGIN Meeting

The next DIGIN meeting takes place on Tuesday October 13th 2009, 7:00PM in the Ambrico Room of the Wallace-Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St. (at Dupont).

DIGIN meetings are a great place to meet other residents and find out more about what is happening in the general Bloor-Lansdowne area. There are often representatives from Councillor Giambrone's office to provide updates about local issues and other news.

This month, a few issues related directly to the Junction Triangle are on the agenda, which I have highlighted below.

Here is the agenda for this month's meeting:

CTA find GO Transit is excessively noisy

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) released the following memo yesterday:

The Canadian Transportation Agency finds that GO Transit is in breach of its obligation under section 95.1 of the Canada Transportation Act to cause only such noise and vibration as is reasonable, in relation to GO Transit's pile-driving activities at the West Toronto Diamond. The Agency found that, in the circumstances, the prolonged exposure of the local citizens to the noise and vibration generated at that location is unreasonable.

You can read the entire, memo on the CTA Website which includes full details about the noise complaint as well as proposed measures to help calm the noise.

GO Transit has 14 days to respond.

Expert warns of high cost for planned diesel trains

Finally the economic, never mind the heath, rationale for using dirty diesel is getting the scrutiny it deserves from somebody who knows what they are talking about.

Brodie Fenlon
From Wednesday's Globe and Mail — Last updated on Tuesday, Oct. 06, 2009 11:06PM EDT

The Ontario government's requirement for state-of-the-art clean diesel trains on the rail link between Toronto and Pearson airport will likely double the cost of locomotives, an industry expert says.

Library Book Club - Featuring Kristen Den Hartog

Local resident and author, Kristen Den Hartog, will be discussing her novel Water Wings at the October 27th meeting of the Perth Dupont Library Book Club. The following event notice was provided by the Toronto Public Library, Perth-Dupont Branch:

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