Take Picture Don't Steal

This photo is a screenshot from Matt Greenwood's Take Picture Don't Steal website. After finding a disposable camera in the cupboard above his fridge, Matt decided to hang cameras in various locations around the city, encouraging people to take photos. These photos are then posted on the website.

Our neighbourhood was represented in this project when Matt placed a camera on the Railpath under the Wallace Ave. bridge. The photos that were taken are fantastic. You should definitely check them out, and see if you know anyone in them! I only recognized one person.

Many other parts of the west end of the city are online too: Kensington Market, Trinity Bellwoods Park, The Junction, and more. Matt was out hanging up more cameras today as well.

There's also an interview with Matt on the 5 Blocks Out blog.



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take picture don't steal

I love this project -- thanks for posting the link. I do recognize some of the people in the fabulous shots from our neighbourhood.